Why Scorpios Are So Hated?

Respect the stinger!

Why Scorpios Are So Hated? Mateusz Kropiwnicki/Shutterstock.com

Everyone wants to know why their zodiac sign is hated, and if you've met a Scorpio you may ask yourself, "Why is Scorpio so..." this or that.

Of all twelve zodiac signs, those born between October 23 and November 21 may have the most haters of all.

There are a lot of negative personality traits and qualities to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

So, why are Scorpios so hated?

They are intense, possessive, and sometimes hateful when crossed.


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While Scorpios are hated by some people, which zodiac sign is really the most hated? This is a highly debated question.

Some zodiac signs are considered too stubborn, such as Gemini and Taurus.


Other zodiac signs are viewed as too manipulative, like Aries, Leo, and even Cancer.

Finding out that someone is a Scorpio is a red flag for many.

Their intense reputation precedes them, making them the most hated zodiac sign.

Why Scorpio is so hated, according to astrology.

1. Scorpios are jealous and possessive.

The eighth sign in the zodiac has a very jealous and possessive nature.

Whether in a relationship or even just a friendship, Scorpios want you all to themselves.

Even a lingering look or short conversation with someone else can set a Scorpio off.

Their jealousy extends past relationships and into their career as well. If they are struggling to achieve their goals as fast as others, they quickly become envious.


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2. Scorpio is most hated because they are revengeful.

Beware of a scornful Scorpio.

The water sign is not one to forgive and forget. They are willing to hold a grudge for their entire life.

Scorpios can't tolerate the pain of getting hurt or betrayed and will be out for blood if they feel they were wronged.

3. People hate Scorpios aggressive attitude.

Just like a scorpion, the eighth zodiac sign has a very dangerous sting.

Ruled by Mars, Scorpios have a volatile temper.

They are not a zodiac sign that anyone should want as an enemy.

If that isn't scary enough, the sign originates from the constellation of Scorpius, God of the Underworld. Whoever tells a Scorpio "no" will undoubtedly feel their wrath.


4. Scorpios can become obsessive.

Scorpios become attached very easily, and often find themselves resorting to obsessive tactics to keep the relationship going.

They wouldn't be opposed to spending every waking second with their romantic partner or best friend, but for many, this can become annoying and overwhelming.

5. Scorpios are intimidating.

When first meeting a Scorpio, they can come across as quite intimidating, and with Mars as their ruling planet, this makes sense.

Still, it's not as if they don't use this intimidation to their advantage.

They often use it to control others and excel in their career.


6. The water sign is guarded and secretive.

Inside, Scorpios are extremely insecure. But, on the outside, they are guarded and secretive.

Like their animal namesake, they put up a rough exterior.

Scorpios won't be vulnerable if they can help it. In fact, they are probably the best emotional suppressors of the entire Zodiac.

Though Scorpios have their, admittedly many, negative qualities, in the end, they mean well. Much of their negative traits actually stem from their own insecurities.

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