How To Tell Who Someone Was In Your Past Life, According To Astrology

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The South Node is the placement in astrology that shows what you mastered in your past life.

The sign and location of the house your South Node occupies provides insight into those areas of life that come naturally to you. When presented with issues or topics relating to that particular house, it is easy for you to find answers, face challenges fearlessly and solve things with some ease compared to the North Node because we have an innate mastery.

The South Node also shows your karmic past life connections.

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The people you meet in this life that feel innately familiar could show up as past karmic connections through a synastry chart when their planets aspect your South Node and vice versa.

South Node conjunctions that represent past life connections

1. South Node conjunct Mercury: past life siblings

Mercury is linked to communication as well as the dynamic that we have with our siblings and our cousins. Having South Node conjunct Mercury shows that the Mercury native could have been a sibling, cousin, or friend in a past life.

With this aspect, both parties will be talkative and can confide in one another. There is a sense of trust and honesty between both parties.

2. South Node conjunct Venus: past life lovers

Venus is representative of love and romance, and this aspect brings two past lovers to rekindle their romance once again. There are old topics to revisit and new lessons to learn with this aspect.

As with most of the South Node conjunctions, we are learning meaningful lessons. In this case, learning how to love or perfecting our love could be a theme for this lifetime.

3. South Node conjunct Mars: past life passion

Having our South Node conjunct Mars shows that the chemistry with the Mars person is off the charts. There is a history between these two in a past karmic connection, which can make it relatively easy for both parties to feel attracted to one another right off the bat. 

4. South Node conjunct Jupiter: past life teacher

When Jupiter is conjunct with the South Node, we can either have a spousal figure or a teacher. Jupiter is once again here to provide mentorship and guidance.

The lessons now could involve being more open to learning about new concepts and ideologies. Or we could feel more inspired to travel and explore more.

5. South Node conjunct Ceres: past life mother or maternal figure

Ceres is the asteroid that represents our maternal side. We see our inner protector through our Ceres.

Having the South Node in conjunction with this asteroid denotes a relationship that could be similar to a mother and child. Ceres will feel the need to protect the South Node native.

6. South Node conjunct Juno: past life spouse

We are once again learning what it means to be married with this aspect.

Juno represents the spouse. The lessons we need to learn will depend on the house and Juno sign. Both partners will feel in tune with what they want in a lasting relationship. They know how to compromise and are always looking out for one another. Strengthening their connection will be relevant to this lifetime.

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