The One Way To Tell Your Relationship Is Practically Invincible, According To Astrology

You get each other on every level.

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According to astrology, there's more than zodiac sign compatibility that goes into determining whether or not a relationship will work.

Synastry aspects say a lot about the overall tone and dynamic of the relationship.

For example, a Mars and Venus aspect could mean that there were fireworks, passion, and love at first sight, but heavy Saturn aspects could show that one partner might feel restricted in their expression, lessening overall compatibility.


In order to experience a lasting connection, Sun and Moon aspects are good indicators of marriage. However, there are still other influential Moon aspects that can lead to a commitment.

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Moon in 7th house synastry

A very potent aspect is when the Moon is conjunct with the Descendant or located in the 7th house.

The seventh house is the house of partnerships and relationships. Placements here reveal how we behave in relationships, the people we attract, and what makes us want to surrender our freedom through the Seventh. It is also known as the house of marriage, where we can experience the highs and lows of a relationship.


While the fifth house shows how we date, the seventh shows how we are when we are in a dedicated relationship.

The Moon is a powerful luminary that shows us our deepest side, and when this planet is in the 7th House of your partner’s synastry chart, it can create an intense connection immediately. Our emotions are driven by the Moon and having it located in an angular house will make it easier for both parties to promise devotion to one another. 

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When your Moon sign is in your partner’s seventh house and vice-versa, it shows that both parties can share and communicate effortlessly. You can each convey what you feel without worrying about judgment. Sometimes, it could even feel like you can read each other's thoughts.

The Moon is comfortable showing the seventh House person who they are. The seventh house person wants to protect and comfort; they want to feel needed by the Moon and will do anything in their power to preserve their happiness. The house person is caring, devoted, and loyal, creating a safe space for the Moon native.

It is easy for both parties to be faithful from early on since the Moon native feels safe and the seventh house person feels understood.

Similar to the Sun and Moon conjunction in synastry, this connection allows both parties to feel like they have found 'The One.' Having someone who knows how to calm you down, to guide and not judge you is important for trust to be built upon.


The foundation constructed by both parties in this relationship becomes unshakable as time progresses.

Of course, other aspects and transits could rock their world and can make things either get better or worse.

For example, having good Mercury synastry in addition to this aspect can help to fortify the bond. However, if a good Mercury aspect is lacking, all hope is not lost. As long as both parties take the initiative to communicate when things are shaky, they can come back to what lured them together in the first place.

The Moon in the seventh house in synastry is an intriguing and blissful aspect.

Both parties can expect to feel understood and connect easily. They know they have found a soulmate and someone that they can trust as well as protect.


Both parties will usually be devoted and loyal. They will want to be there for the one they love and the relationship gets stronger with time, as long as both parties are transparent and able to keep communication strong.

This placement is simply about surrendering or independence to unite with a lover who can build a future and fulfill the safety and protection we emotionally desire.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.