Juno Retrograde Meaning And Effects Explained

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Juno, known as a love asteroid in astrology, can almost be viewed as a second Venus. But while Venus shows what we seek in a romantic partner, Juno reveals the type of spouse we seek when we want to take the relationship to the marriage level.

Venus is fun, and exciting and could relate to a romantic adventure that doesn’t necessarily translate to long-term. Venus is also more connected to how we want to be loved, what our aesthetic could be and what romantic style we have among other things. Juno, on the other hand, is as passionate as Venus but is looking for commitment or marriage. 

Juno retrograde meaning

When Juno stations retrograde, it could be a period where we analyze our current relationships. Power dynamics can be analyzed during this time as we become more aware of flaws in our long-term partnerships.

For those who are single, this can be a way for us to explore what we may have neglected when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

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Juno retrograde dates

The asteroid goes retrograde roughly once a year for about three to four months. Juno will station retrograde on January 12th, 2024 in the sign of Virgo and will station direct on April 21st, 2024 in the sign of Virgo.

Interestingly, it is in the sign of Virgo this year with Saturn in Pisces in opposition. Relationships will feel pressured, especially for those with mutable risings (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) or personal placements in these signs.

Juno retrograde effects

For the natives with Juno retrograde in their chart, it is an energy that they are accustomed to and will bring more awareness depending on the placement's location in their natal chart. These natives can navigate it a lot easier because they will be more aware of the balance needed to establish order for relationship dynamics. 

On the collective level, relationships will be tested for those who are partnered up during this time. However, this is also a time of potential growth and self-discovery. You could learn more about yourself and your partner.

For single folks, this can be a period of self-empowerment during which you learn more about how you approach relationships and the types of partners you may attract. When Juno is retrograde, it is also a great time to see who is worthy of being the one you share your love and life with.

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Juno retrograde in the signs

Each modality and element will experience retrograde periods differently since we need to consider the natal chart as well as current transits. But, Juno retrograde can be an enlightening period filled with reflection and assertion.

On the flip side, this can be a time when the collective can feel more focused on experiencing their independence, which can make some relationships shaky. Juno will eventually teach us all how to grow and mature to find a balance to help our relationships thrive.

Juno retrograde in fire signs

Juno in fire sign transit can feel like an awakening where collectively everyone wants to connect with people who bring more excitement into their lives.

Juno in Leo lives for the moment, teaching us how to nourish the ego and self-esteem. In Sagittarius, it is common for people to relate more with inner adventure and applying this to relationships, avoiding commitment and experiencing freedom. In Aries, we're more inclined to put ourselves first when seeking fruitful relationships and connecting with a partner to whom we can commit.

June retrograde in earth signs

When Juno is in an earth sign, there is a lot of grounding energy that helps us all be more connected with who we are and what we want. It is a time of research and discoveries. We're drawn to partners who outwardly have their lives together.

When Juno is retrograde in Taurus, people could learn to focus on how to grow their creativity and develop mastery in their craft. With Juno retrograde in Virgo, we may feel as though we're giving too much to others instead of focusing on ourselves. During Capricorn Juno retrograde, we're driven to focus on careers rather than partnerships.

Juno retrograde in air signs

When the collective experiences Juno retrograde in an air sign, this is a period where a lot of energy is centered on communication and research. Juno wants to experience a partner that can expand their intellect and teach them new things.

Juno retrograde in Gemini thrives on connecting with everyone, focusing on the fun and joy that comes with being single and viewing dating as a game. Juno retrograde in Aquarius may prompt us to go more within and spend time with friends, not being as dedicated to romantic relationships. Juno retrograde in Libra could be more concerned with the superficial aspects of a relationship and not want to go and develop deeper connections with their partner.

Juno retrograde in water signs

A transit with Juno in water signs will have us more connected to our emotions and romanticize love and marriage. Juno in water is romantic, engaged, and devoted.

Juno retrograde in Pisces encourages wearing our hearts on our sleeves, which may also lead to us wearing rose-colored glasses to navigate relationships without seeing reality. Jupiter retrograde in Cancer may conceal emotions, leading us to put on a tougher shell to prevent ourselves from getting hurt. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio may cause us to be less trusting as we focus more on uncovering truths.

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