The 4 Major Asteroids In Astrology & Their Meanings, Explained

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You may have heard of planets being important in astrology and horoscopes but you may not have heard about the four major asteroids in astrology that also play a big role in your natal chart.

These four asteroids were discovered in the early 19th century and are located in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

They are believed to be either the remnants of a destroyed planet or pieces of a planet that never actually formed.

They represent four different facets of femininity and feminine principle in astrology.

These are the four major asteroids in astrology and their meanings.

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1. Ceres

Ceres was discovered first in 1801 and represents nurturing and motherhood in a natal chart.

Ceres' placement in the birth chart can have a positive or negative influence.

Positively, it can show an ability to take on maternal responsibility and a close relationship with the earth.

Negatively, it can mean problems nurturing or being nurtured. It can also generally indicate parenthood and how that appears in someone’s life.

2. Pallas

Pallas is the second major asteroid and was discovered in 1802. It represents the wisdom of the female spirit.

In ancient mythology, Pallas was a symbol of independence and wisdom. In the birth chart, it is tied to an individual’s mental judgment, wisdom, and creative intelligence.

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3. Juno

Juno is named for the female goddesses in the Roman pantheon. Discovered in 1805, it was the third major asteroid found.

Juno represents the energy between partners in an intimate relationship and focuses on more modern issues couples face.

Issues of boundaries, jealousy, sharing, and intimacy are all examples of topics and problems that fall under Juno.

4. Vesta

Vesta is the fourth and final asteroid and was discovered in 1807. Vesta is all about self-sufficiency, self-completeness, and straying from the typical mold.

Vesta involves turning away from the classic family and partnership ideal to find something new.

Depending on the rest of someone's birth chart placements, this can mean a number of things such as someone who is abstaining from a relationship or maybe someone who has multiple partners and does not want to commit to one.

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