How To Determine The Most Influential New & Full Moons For You Each Year, Using Astrology

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According to astrology, the energy of the moon has a significant impact on our spiritual and emotional lives. However, some new and full moons are more influential to you personally than others, depending on your birth chart — but with 12 to 13 new and full moons per year, how can you determine which new and full moons have the most significant effect on your life?

Astrologers look to annual profections to help you identify the major theme of each solar year of your life. Annual profections pinpoint an area of your birth chart that is specifically activated each year and that particular age, a technique that reveals the most important house and ruling planet of the year, which also plays a role.

How to determine the most influential new and full moons for you each year

First, calculate your annual profection chart to find out which house in the profected chart you are in. For example, if your profected house is eight, then you would look to the natal chart to see which sign rules your eighth house since this house will be significant for a year. Then, note any new and full moons that occur in that sign during that profection year.

To determine which new or full moons will be most significant during any given year, look for the month and day they fall in your profected chart. This house of your chart is going to be more sensitive to transits as well as to new and full moons, which will have a greater impact than they would at other times.



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New and full moons offer different energies or opportunities. While the new moon typically generates a push toward goals, the full moon can, at times, represent conclusions or endings and is generally a time for some type of release.

Let’s take a look at what the new or full moon energies relate to by house.

New or full moons in the 1st house

The first house is about me, me, me. This does not mean you are going to be selfish, but moons here represent a time to focus on yourself and what you hope to achieve. You could be tested as a leader. Your best results come from considering others if necessary while keeping the focus on your own desires.

New or full moons in the 2nd house

This is the house that defines money and values and, at times, a new or full moon here can force us to decide what we value the most. The focus is often on income and money, for better or worse.

New or full moons in the 3rd house

This is the house of communication, short trips, immediate family and/or close friends and co-workers. This may be a time when mundane affairs take control of your time. You may be focused on important communication.

New or full moons in the 4th house

This is considered the house that rules home and family, as well as our basic foundation and things most important. Property issues may also come into focus and you could be forced to find more balance between work and home life.

New or full moons in the 5th house

This is the house of creative self-expression, love and children. It’s time to get out, break out and have some fun, which the fifth house is known for. Perhaps you are engaged in a creative project of some sort? If you have or are around children there could be a great deal of activity at this time.

New or full moons in the 6th house

This house rules health and fitness, work service to others and pets. At this time, it is possible a work project could begin or reach a conclusion. You could start a fitness plan and embark on self-improvement, or you could start a new job or end one. Lastly, pets come into focus at times with a new or full moon here, and on occasion, you may have to take a pet to the vet.

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New or full moons in the 7th house

This is the house of partners, ‘others’ and it is connected to courts in some instances. You could be dealing with issues in a relationship or a partnership could reach a milestone of some sort. It’s possible there could be some type of issue or compromise concerning a partnership, or a new one could begin. On occasion, this house rules issues connected with courts.

New or full moons in the 8th house

This is the part of the chart connected to sex, a partner’s money, debt and taxes and loans. In this house of change and transformation, a new or full moon will bring about some type of change even if it is small. Money and joint finances may come into focus or you may make a cash outlay.

New or full moons in the 9th house

This house concerns world view and personal beliefs, travel and education. With a new or full moon in this house, travel is possible, as is some type of educational opportunity that does not have to be considered formal education. Your beliefs may be tested at this time, or you could have contact with people far away or in foreign countries.

New or full moons in the 10th house

Career matters could come to a head in some way or you could start or end a job. The 10th house sometimes puts you in the limelight so your performance could matter. This house is also connected with the father, or events could connect you with the father's side of the family.

New or full moons in the 11th house

The 11th house involves groups, which can include companies and organizations as well as friends. You may suddenly find yourself surrounded by people and do some socializing. This placement also rules hopes and wishes which could come to fruition at this time, depending on the aspects that are in play.

New or full moons in the 12th house

This is considered the house of isolation, endings and the subconscious mind. You may need to spend some time alone, and those with heavy placements here must have alone time. You could visit a hospital, be in a hospital (on rare occasions), or visit someone who is in isolation in some way. It’s a good time to get in touch with what is going on in your subconscious mind at this time.

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