What To Expect During First House Profection Years

First house profection years occur at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72.

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Astrology isn't just limited to your Sun sign, Moon sign, and love compatibility. There's a unique branch in astrology that can predict the course of your life in cycles of 12 years called annual profections and it's governed by the 12 houses in the zodiac wheel.

According to this system, the first year of your life, right after birth, is your first house profection year, which affects your life at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, and so on. This is followed by your second house profection year when you turn one year old. Then, the third house profection year when you are two, and so on and so forth.


The annual profections cycle can help you predict what the new few years of your life will be like, and what you should focus on every year to make the most of your unique astrological blessings. And, of course, over the course of 12 years, each profections cycle also marks the period of growth and maturity for us.

The meaning of first house profection year in astrology

The first house in astrology deals with the self, how you express yourself, your physical appearance, the way you move and take action in the world, and also how others perceive you. It also represents the mask we wear in public and the first impression we leave on others. So, when you begin a new annual profections cycle with your first house profection year, the focus is very heavily on the self and how you want to show up in the world.


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A good start here can make the next few years of your life pretty good. But a bad first house profection year can muddy the subsequent years with insecurities, poor luck, and other consequences of bad self-esteem.

Benefits and challenges of a first house profection year

Not everyone experiences the same things during their first house profection years. Your Rising sign, natal Mars, and the lord of your natal first house will determine what your unique experience will be like. And the connections between these and the transiting planets add more layers to the intrigue.


For example, if you have Taurus in your first house, you need to look at the position of Venus (the lord of Taurus) in your birth chart to predict what your first house profection year will be like.

If you have Sun conjunct Venus, you can expect many opportunities to come your way during the year. And because Sun and Venus are friendly towards each other, these opportunities have the potential to make you famous or well-known in your social or professional circle. If, instead, you have Venus opposite Saturn in your natal chart with the transiting South Node aspecting the two, your first house profection year may bring an ex-lover back into your life. Or, you may realize that you are being held back by your spouse and need to separate from them for your happiness. You may even experience circumstances that directly trigger your beliefs around beauty and whether or not you are “considered” attractive.

As the ruler of the first house, Mars definitely plays a huge role in your first house profection year. So if you have a well-placed Mars in your birth chart, you can expect a lot of good things during the year. You will be more energetic than usual, full of good ideas, and may even experience a glow-up or find that you are more sexually desirable to potential partners. A badly placed Mars, though, can make the first house profection year very challenging. You will find yourself in conflict-ridden situations a lot, maybe even getting bullied or feeling threatened. And since Mars is the planet of personal drive, you may either feel lethargic yourself or may feel like the world doesn't want you to succeed and is directly obstructing your path forward.

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Effects of the first house profection year on sense of self

As the first year in a brand new 12-year profections cycle, the first house profection year is like a seed. It cannot reveal what the next twelve years will be like, but it brings with it the powerful energy of a clean slate and a fresh start.

Interestingly, the first house profection year often blends with the 12th house profection year, almost like you end the previous chapter of your life with new maturity, but now you are studying the same things at a whole new level.

Of course, the year also brings a lot of new experiences into our life. Some people find themselves starting fresh in a new country or school. Others decide that they want to express themselves through a new style. New beliefs and chance encounters with interesting ideas and adventures are also hallmarks of the first house profection year.

The unique circumstances depend heavily on your natal chart aspects and the transiting planets in the sky. But if you can keep a positive mindset, these years of your life have the potential to become truly memorable. 


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