What To Expect During 3rd House Profection Years

Third house profection years occur at the ages of 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, 74 and 86.

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Annual profections is a unique branch of astrology that divides our life into cycles of 12 years. According to this, each year of our life is governed by a particular house on the zodiac wheel from the first house all the way to the 12th.

You are in your first house profection year immediately when you are born. And then you progress to the second house profection year when you are one year old. This goes on all the way to the 12th house profection year at the age of 11, after which you cycle back to the first house profection year at age 12.


The third house profection year affects your life at the ages of 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, 74, and 86.

The meaning of the 3rd house profection year in astrology

Themes that we experience during a third house profection year include increased short-distance travel, intense focus on schooling and education, our relationship with our neighbors and community and the need to express ourselves.

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The third house in astrology governs how we use our minds, the way we communicate and network with others, our relationship with our siblings, cousins, and friends, and how we conform with our peers. The third house profection year can be especially challenging because of this.

Everyone doesn't experience the same things though. It all depends on how Mercury is placed in your birth chart. After all, Mercury is the ruler of the third house in astrology.

Benefits and challenges of a 3rd house profection year

If you have a well-placed Mercury, your third house profection years can be one of the best years of your life. You will find it easy to express yourself and feel supported by your friends and community. Some even learn things rapidly during this time and excel at school or at work. Others find it easy to convince people about their ideas, whether they are politicians, salespeople or influencers.

But if your natal Mercury is badly placed, your third house profection years will bring increased friction in your relationships with your family, relatives, and friends. You may even find yourself in a unique position where your ideas are not acceptable to the general crowd. In the worst-case scenario, you may develop a speech impediment in some capacity.


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Another thing that directly impacts your third house profection year is the ruler of your natal third house.

For example, if you have Scorpio in your third house, you need to look at the placements of Mars and Pluto in your birth chart. And if you have Aquarius in your third house, you should look at Uranus and Capricorn.

The transiting Mercury's sign and connections also have an impact on us during our third house profection years. More so when it directly forms an aspect with major points in your birth chart, including your natal Mercury.

For example, if the transiting Mercury is conjunct North Node in Capricorn and lights up your natal fourth house, you may start a small business from home during your third house profection year and be surprised when it suddenly goes viral on the internet or creates some other circumstance that allows you to turn it into a full-time venture.


Keep in mind that Mercury has a quick flight path, so it will pass through pretty much the entire zodiac wheel in one year. Therefore, it's common to experience a few ups and downs during the third house profection year because of these transits.

Overall though, a third house profection year gives us the perfect opportunity to improve our communication skills, look at our close interpersonal relationships, and make our voice heard. And if we are lucky and get a good headstart, it can directly have a positive influence on our fourth house profection year next year.

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