What To Expect During Your 7th House Profection Year

The 7th house profection years include ages 18, 30, 42 and 54.

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Annual profections can help you identify the major theme of each solar year of your life. This technique uses whole sign astrology, which means each house in your annual profection chart starts at 0 degrees. There are 12 houses on the chart, each representing a different area of life. Annual profections pinpoint an area of your birth chart that is specifically activated each year and at that particular age.


For example, the year you are born becomes a first house year (in annual profection charts); the second year of life becomes a second house year, the third year becomes a third house year, and on through the next twelve years. At the 13th year, the cycle starts all over again and you go back to the first house, and the cycle repeats itself every 12 years. The profection year begins every year on your birthday when a particular house in your chart is activated for the entirety of the year. The themes of the respective house are magnified for the next 12 months, catapulting you into more personal growth and learning.


7th house profection years

The seventh house profection years are ages 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78 and 90. When the seventh house profection year is activated, it is a time when the theme of the year is predominantly focused on relationships. The ruler of the seventh house becomes an important piece in uncovering the meaning of this puzzle.

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There are positive changes at hand with the seventh house activated because we can discover what we desire in our relationships. We may not be so complacent with partners that are not there for us. We learn to respect ourselves more and our friends. We could also make new friendships. For those that are single or desire to enter a new relationship, chances are that this year could be the one for meeting a new partner or falling in love.


The seventh house profection year represents the Descendant and its ruler. The opposition from the Ascendant allows us to see how we could build on relationships to make them better. We are more cooperative with people during this time, especially if we are used to being more independent. If the native has been selfish in previous years, this period allows them to be more selfless and compassionate. The year is about working well with others, finding balance, listening, communicating, and becoming a better partner. 

An activated 7th House profection can make or break an existing relationship because we begin to redefine our values. If our ideology is changing and the relationship is not serving its purpose, we are likely to move on. Existing relationships with a solid foundation could experience a positive change that can deepen their emotional connection. We become more aware of our needs during this time and begin to see our partners for who they are. We learn to understand ourselves better, just before we enter the eighth house profection year. 

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Personal growth can lead to changes, which can cause some challenges. During this profection year, we could focus on being more independent, especially in a relationship not aligned with our needs. Our hyper-awareness during this time could have us enforcing boundaries, so friendships, partnerships, business relationships, and romantic relationships can end or change. It is a time when we can do the work and it can be challenging if we do not communicate effectively


The year can feel uncomfortable, especially after enduring the sixth house profection year, which was more about healing the physical self. This year can feel like a sudden revelation because we are subsequently moving into the eighth house year, which deals more with the realms of the psychological.

We have to piece together who we are during the seventh house profection year. We have to be more aware of the people in our lives because those solid friendships, connections, and romantic partners can help evolve us for the better. On the flip side, tapping into our independent side can also be essential if we are co-dependent. We prepare for what’s to come and build our armor by letting go and reshaping our relationships. 

Expect to make new friends, lose current friends, or have tough conversations with them. The year may make you uncomfortable, but the intricate detailas depend on your unique natal chart. Not everyone will have the same year.

As long as you have a true sense of self and are honest with your friends and partners, you will see how our relationships evolve for the better. The seventh house profection years show us how to preserve relationships, make meaningful connections and be more diplomatic.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.