How Your Rising Zodiac Sign Affects Your Personality, Based On Astrology

Should you look to your star sign or your rising sign to understand horoscope?

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When someone asks us what our sign is, we usually go by our birthdays. "Oh, I was born on February 8th, so I am an Aquarius!"

Where the Sun was located on the day of your birth is the most common information to people who don't know much about astrology.

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We use our Sun sign to determine who we are in the world and what our personalities mean.

Some of us define ourselves based on our zodiac sign, while others feel like their sign doesn't quite match up with their true self.

If this is true for you, looking to your rising sign (otherwise known as ascending sign) may give you a better understanding of your sense of self and your personality traits.

Your rising sign can be described as how others may view you, or the aura you give off to those around you.

In other words, your Sun sign is your deep sense of self and your rising sign is the essence you give off to others when you walk into a room.


Maybe it's your signature looks or humor that people notice – these would fall under your rising sign.

In order to find out what your rising sign is, look to your natal chart. Your rising sign isn't always the same as your Sun sign.

Just a quick run down if you aren't sure what a natal chart is: basically, it is a chart that shows where the Moon, Sun, and planets were when you were born. To build your chart, you need to know your date, exact time, and place of birth. Pretty straight-forward info.

Once you know your rising sign, you can learn more about it and the impact it may have had on your life. Maybe your rising sign is Capricorn, which means you are very task-oriented and serious when it comes to getting things done and getting them done correctly.


But, after work when the staff goes to the bar, your Sun sign (or your true sense of self) might come out to play after a few shots of vodka. If that is Sagittarius, you'll crack inappropriate jokes and dance all night long.

People will wonder why they never saw this side of you, and maybe it will make you reconsider which sign should rule your taste of astrology.

Once you learn more about your rising sign, you will have a better understanding of how you act in social situations versus how you act in private settings.

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How you act during the day at work will be completely different than how you act around your best friends later that night. Your Sun and rising sign go hand-in-hand, although they may seem very different.


Not to add even more to your astrological plate, but if neither your Sun or rising sign seem to click with you, you can also look to your Moon sign to learn more about yourself.

Your Moon sign is, in other words, your emotional sign. The Moon links our emotions and ties us to our sensitive side.

Your Moon sign can tell you more about yourself in terms of how you handle difficult or overly emotional situations.

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Think of it like diving into a deeper sense of self and really uncovering the inner part of yourself – whether that be comfortable to you or a little bit scary.


In order to calculate your Moon sign, use the natal chart with the same information needed for your rising sign.

Which one should you look to when reading your horoscope?

After researching up on your Sun, rising, and Moon sign, the best way to determine which to go to when reading your horoscope is to go with your gut instinct.

Which sign do you relate to the most? If you have been stuck in the realm of Sun signs, maybe it is time to branch out and learn more from your rising or Moon sign.

Maybe you relate to all three and choose to read your daily horoscope for all of them.

Your rising sign will tell you more about the personalities you openly share with the world. It will help you learn more about how you portray yourself to others in various environments.


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It might be interesting to read your horoscope for your rising sign more often, because let's be honest, who doesn't want to read about how others portray us?

We act like we don't care, but we do. Having a chart help us navigate all the different parts of ourselves will help us gain a better understanding of the world we come from.

So, who are you, really?

Well, there is no simple answer to this. All signs share commonalities and differences.


When you think of a person, you don't view them as fitting in only one category – you view them as multidimensional and having varying degrees of personalities based on the setting they're thrown in.

You are a mixture of all your signs, whether you agree with them or not.

Be proud of your Sun, rising, and Moon signs – they are all a part of what makes you special and unique.

While the traits of your Sun sign may be your favorites, those around you may base you off of your rising sign.

There is no way of truly understanding yourself from one point of view; you must look at yourself and your life from all perspectives.

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