The Vibe You Give Off, According To Astrology

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There are about seven major asteroids in astrology that include Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, Chiron, Eros and Lilith. There are also many other lesser-known asteroids, as well as personally named asteroids that are not well known, but nevertheless can have an effect on the chart.

One such asteroid is called Aura, or asteroid #1488.

Aura asteroid meaning in astrology

Aura orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its name and number is allocated by the minor planet Center. Aura magnifies the energy of points or planets in the natal chart it comes in contact with. It also reveals the energies that we unconsciously project toward the world and others.

According to TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, says this asteroid will show you what kind of aura you have depending on the sign and degree this asteroid occupies in your natal chart. 



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To find out where asteroid Aura is in your chart, go to Astro.com's extended chart selection and fill out your birth information. Then scroll to the bottom where it says asteroid name and find Aura under the A section.

The vibe you give off, according to your aura asteroid placement

Aura in Aries

If your Aura is in Aries you possess a pioneering type of energy and generally would be considered brave, bold, confident, active and generally gregarious. You could have an issue with impatience and be in too much of a rush at times.

Aura in Taurus

If your Aura is in Taurus you project a slower and more sensual type of energy. At times you could come across as lazy but you are typically quite laid back and chill. Taurus is ruled by Venus so you like nice things and very much live in a material world.

Aura in Gemini

If your Aura is in Gemini you are inquisitive, bright, and intelligent and interested in many different things. You are probably quite social and interaction with others is important. You could have a nervous disposition at times.

Aura in Cancer

According to @shawtyherbs, this Aura placement is indicative of someone who "has an energy that is very protective, very parental or maternal."

Aura in Leo

Aura in Leo people "can attract a lot of attention and even have the potential to become famous or even be in the spotlight. This also means this person has an aura and energy that’s very warm, generous and warmhearted too. This person might also have an aura that’s very creative, artistic and very inspiring."

Aura in Virgo

If your Aura is in Virgo you are a warm, caring person. You may have an interest in health-related matters and diet. You are highly intelligent but can come across as rational and perhaps skeptical at times. You may also project perfectionist tendencies.

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Aura in Libra

If your Aura is in Libra you crave beauty, harmony and peace. You have a flair for style and artistic endeavors, and you are typically full of grace and charm. You are quite social and can have somewhat of a passive-aggressive temperament on occasion.

Aura in Scorpio

If your Aura is in Scorpio you are by nature emotional, sensitive and inquisitive. You may attract others magnetically, and come across as quite mysterious. You could have a controlling side to your personality and be quite passionate.

Aura in Sagittarius

If your Aura is in Sagittarius you exude a love of life and have a basically positive nature. You love adventures of many different sorts, especially exploring new places and things. At times you may act in an irresponsible manner or come across as too bold and outspoken.

Aura in Capricorn

If your Aura is in Capricorn you project an earthy and sensual type of energy. You are a responsible person and come across as someone others could turn to in times of crisis. You may achieve authority in some field or endeavor but could come across as strict and straight-laced at times.

Aura in Aquarius

If your Aura is in Aquarius you come across as intelligent, friendly and social. You like cutting-edge types of technology and information and are considered a humanitarian by many. You may have a quirky personality and at times can come across as detached.

Aura in Pisces

"This person has an aura that is compassionate, kind, and gentle," explains @shawtyherbs. "Having Aura in Pisces can also give you the opportunity to see or feel other people’s energies too."

Aura is a minor asteroid that was discovered in 1938 so it is not mentioned in traditional astrology or anything published before that date. To fully understand personality and energies as a whole, it is important to look at the entire chart, not just one piece of it.

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