Your Most Instinctual Desires, According To Astrology

Your deepest desires are a core part of who you are.

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When you are looking for clues to your relationships, it is often Mars or Venus that first comes to mind. 

These are the major planets known as the cosmic lovers and which together represent passion and love. 

However, they do not necessarily touch upon your innate sexuality — but Eros does.  

Eros meaning in astrology

The asteroid Eros in astrology governs your sexual desires, giving insight into what turns you on.  


Eros is the astrological body that is most known for representing sexuality. While Mars can sometimes equate sex, your Mars sign more so equates to passion and drive while your Eros sign represents how sexual you are, what turns you on, and even what fetishes you may possess.  

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In Greek mythology, Eros was the God of Desire, son of Aphrodite and ruler of all that is sexual in nature. 

Eros is not about love, but sex. Eros specifically speaks to how you want and need to connect to others in a sexual way which can give greater insight into your relationships as well as how you operate within life.  

Eros does represent sexual desires, passion and even how creative you are when it comes to physical pleasure, but it also can hold keys for what type of relationship you need because certain Eros signs are likely to be monogamous or when others need multiple partners to feel fulfilled. 

While it is common to look to see if you and your romantic partner or love interest have compatible Mars and Venus signs, having compatible Eros signs means that your sex life will be off the charts.  


It ultimately represents the sexual expression of the physical body and how you approach this type of intimacy.  

Eros is the ruler of chemistry. Often, that feeling of wanting to rip each other’s clothes off is attributed to complementary (or even opposing) Eros signs.  

Many times, it is the unconscious attraction to a prospective partner's Eros that can even have you in relationships in which you are constantly emotionally unfulfilled, yet the sex is amazing.  

By learning and understanding your Eros sign, not only can you tap more deeply into your sexual nature, but you can also learn more about what you need from a relationship.  

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Eros in the signs 

Eros in Aries 

You tend to love to be the chaser in sexual and romantic relationships. You like to feel in charge and as if you have won whatever sexual conquest that you fed your desire.

Eros in Aries is not very emotional but is incredibly passionate. When it comes to sex, you usually have a more vivacious appetite and fetishes like a dominatrix are absolutely not out of the question.

You may be more aggressive than most when it comes to sex.

Eros in Taurus 

Money turns you on. Gifts, acts of love, and all of those luxurious aspects of life make you feel safe, stable and desired.

This in turn makes you prioritize your partner's pleasure over your own. You get turned on as you can see them derive pleasure from your touch.


You tend to be more sensual and need a lover to seduce every part of you and your life, not just your body. Having expensive dates and flowers and breakfast in bed is all part of what it takes to seduce you.  

Eros in Gemini 

Communication is huge for you if your Eros is in Gemini. This is not just dirty talk, though you do love that, but you also need to get turned on mentally by engaging and lively conversations. At times this can translate to a relationship that can be rocky at times but that leads to great make-up sex.

You tend to need more adventure, excitement, toys, and even role-play in the bedroom (or wherever you desire) than other signs. It is all about mixing it up and enjoying the ultimate pleasure of sex.  

Eros in Cancer 

Physical touch is your major love language if your Eros is in Cancer and that’s exactly what sex is for you; love.


Eros in Cancer is the sign least likely to have one-night stands as you need to use sex to express love to others and to feel loved in return. Of course, this might mean you are having sex chasing love, but usually, you prefer partners that you are in a meaningful relationship with.

Setting the stage for sex is also important, with finer things like high thread count sheets, scented candles, and lingerie. It is having a sexy space that matters as much as the person you are having sex with.  

Eros in Leo 

With your Eros in Leo, you must always feel adored and desired. Your pleasure equates to how much your partner loves and wants you, which means that you also need to have more frequent sexual encounters.

As much as you need physical attention and pleasure, you also give it just as hard in return showering your partner with desire.


Eros in Virgo 

Virgo is always known as a meticulous sign, and in the bedroom, you do not disappoint. Eros in Virgo is down to understanding what gets their partner off in every way possible because you are not satisfied unless you do.

While you are an expert at sex, you tend to not engage in relationships that are not bringing you something else. You need to make sure you and your partner are a good fit. Whether it is a marriage or a friend-with-benefits scenario, it needs to feel worthwhile for you. You usually are attracted to someone who is easier going and fun so that you can have the best of both worlds.  

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Eros in Libra 

Appearances matter if you have your Eros in Libra. You want someone that looks good to you. Whether it is features or even style, how you and your partner look together matters. Because of this, filming yourselves having sex for your secret pleasure can often be a big turn-on.


As sexual and physical as you tend to be, you usually will put your partner above yourself. This can lead to some codependency within your relationship if seriously involved, so make sure that as much as you desire to give pleasure, allow yourself to receive it as well.  

Eros in Scorpio 

Emotional intimacy is important for you. You need to be able to share your secrets, feelings, dreams, and especially desires with your sexual partner in order to really be able to open up to them. This builds a feeling of safety that allows you to fully open erotically.

Because the aspect of the forbidden can be especially seductive, you may tend to go for affairs or even have secret workplace trysts, just ensure that your emotional needs are cared for as well.  

Eros in Sagittarius 

You need to connect with your partner in an intellectual and philosophical way. That is not to say you may not ever have sex purely for the fun of it, but it is unlikely that it will be as satisfying or even erotic.


You are up to try anything when it comes to sex so having an open-minded partner is crucial. Because you are interested in the more esoteric aspects of life, the energy of your partner is important to you as you tend to be most attracted to those who are high-frequency and upbeat. For you, in the best sense, it is about not just a fun sexual rendezvous but a connection that truly adds to your life.  

Eros in Capricorn 

Control matters to you and usually, you equate that with who has the most money. Having a partner who is financially successful is huge because it ultimately acts as a turn-on for you. It is not just the money but the overall lifestyle and exuding a certain sort of status.

Eros in Capricorn may be the most likely to exchange sex for money even if it is in a sugar partner kind of way or even play into the dominant and submissive roles. For you, being sustained sexually and romantically comes down to financial security and feeling clear in the boundaries with your partner.  


Eros in Aquarius 

Aquarius is known as the rebel in the zodiac, so it is no surprise that you tend to be one in the bedroom as well.

Eros in Aquarius is often attracted to those who are unique or quirky, representing some sort of different traits like untraditional beauty or a fascinating career or hobby.

You tend to make unpredictable relationship choices and need to feel like you have a connection that no one else does. Sexually, you need mental stimulation and like to mix things up, so you truly are up for sex anytime and anywhere.  

Eros in Pisces  

Sex for you is a mystical experience. You bring spirituality and sensuality together to create a once-in-a-lifetime sexual encounter that leaves your partner feeling like you are the best they have ever had and ever will have.


For you, you tend to be attracted to those who need healing or saving. This aspect of being needed tends to be a turn in itself which goes along with the tendency for unhealthy relationships as you usually love the chase of the relationship as much as the actual person.

For you, allowing yourself to be honored and cherished is just as important as giving that to your lover.  

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