An Astrologer Explains What Not Liking A Specific Zodiac Sign Says About You

Like it or not, we have all of the 12 zodiac signs somewhere in our chart.

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It's not unusual to hear that someone doesn't like one zodiac sign or another, often after having a bad experience with that sign. In a TikTok video, astrologer Meghan Rose uses someone saying "Oh, my ex-boyfriend was a Taurus so now I hate all Tauruses," as an example of this sentiment.

However, the natal chart reflects that we all share components of all 12 zodiac signs, meaning we all have traits from each sign. Rose elaborates how it could be something within us that we lack that makes us dislike that zodiac sign. One bad experience with a sign should not be enough to generalize — instead, it should be the perfect opportunity to learn more about why their actions or traits can trigger you.

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What not liking a specific zodiac sign says about you

What it means if you don't like Aries

Aries is connected to ego and freedom. It is the first in the zodiac because Aries initiates and they are fearless about their goals and ambitions. 


Disliking an Aries or Aries placement could mean that the natives may fear exercising their independence or not feel determined or motivated enough to achieve their own victories. They may have an aversion to people who always stand up for themselves and rebel against those who want to control them. 

Those who dislike this sign will need to analyze their boundaries and objectives.

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What it means if you don't like Taurus 

According to Rose, it could be a "fear of commitment... for those who do not like Taurus. You don't like the idea of people telling you as it is," she continued, adding that you "might deal with a control issue." 


As an earth sign, Taurus is very focused on building something beyond the imaginable for them that is tied to their security. Not liking a Taurus could mean a phobia of stability and growth and developing a powerful romantic connection that can link you to someone you love and respect in the long run.

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What it means if you don't like Gemini

Widely regarded as one of the 'most hated' zodiac signs, someone who is not connected with the people around them and does not like sharing or being part of a community might lead to a dislike for Geminis. These people may not understand the need for this air sign to be so in the know of everything. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so they enjoy finding and uncovering information, making them appear nosy to others. 

Nevertheless, learning and expansion are linked to this placement. Those who don't like Gemini should consider reconnecting with a topic or subject that can help them get back to nurturing their curious side.


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What it means if you don't like Cancer

As a sign synonymous with protectors and nurturers, someone who dislikes Cancer may not feel comfortable displaying these traits to people. They may also not be comfortable showing their vulnerable and emotional sides. 

Cancer is transparent when they have people around them that they can trust. Family and friends that they love are a priority. They will take care of those around them. 

Someone who doesn't like Cancers has to look into their relationships with those around them and see how they can strengthen or make new connections that promote healthy relationship dynamics so they can be more trusting of others.


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What it means if you don't like Leo

Leo is tied to the ego, independence, creativity and commanding the spotlight. Those with an issue with Leos may not have such great self-esteem. 

Leo is unabashed and unafraid to take charge and control a scenario. They exude royalty and know how to take their crown and command. People who don't like them need to learn to love, care for, and prioritize themselves. Only through self-love can they move on from these feelings that will stunt them emotionally.

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What it means if you don't like Virgo

Rose discusses that those who dislike Virgos have an "accountability issue," meaning, "They don't hold up with their words, they don't keep up with exercise routines…they lack that ability to rely on themselves." 


Virgo is very structured and knows when they need to make some significant changes since they are usually their worst critics. Those who do not like Virgos may prefer to live in chaos without a sense of time or responsibility. Establishing routines, taking care of their health, and being more aware of how to balance things in their life could help people feel more open to accepting Virgos.

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What it means if you don't like Libra

Venusian energy could spark jealousy in others because this is a sign that enjoys taking care of themselves and their looks, and others may view them as vain. A dislike for Libras could be that the native may also have an issue with co-dependency, may not like to put their trust in others, and could be fiercely independent. 

These are not bad qualities. However, sometimes we need to learn to be more open to trusting partners and not be afraid to seek love. And if we are inspired to treat ourselves, there is nothing wrong with dressing up and having fun occasionally!


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What it means if you don't like Scorpio

Another Mars-ruled sign on the list that represents patience, independence, and power. To dislike a Scorpio suggests that you may not have much ambition and don't respect boundaries or loyalty. Scorpios do not like dealing with people who will abandon them when they need them. Loyalty is essential to them, and someone with this issue will probably not see the value of committing to a partner. 

Scorpios are also ambitious, disciplined and know their worth. They prioritize their boundaries, cutting people off who are not aligned with their ideals. Those who dislike this sign need to reflect on their boundaries and relationships with others.

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What it means if you don't like Sagittarius

A mutable sign that enjoys adventure, learning, and making connections. If someone is not fond of Sagittarius placements, they may not prioritize learning, socializing, travel, or adventure as much. Those who do not like them may feel stuck and like they're not progressing because Sagittarius is all about expansion and liberation. 

The native with issues with them should expand their horizons by learning more about different places, cultures, and travel (if they can). Jupiter wants us to open our minds and hearts to new experiences and learn about the world around us.

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What it means if you don't like Capricorn

Rose explained that if a person does not like Capricorns, "this person is not living up to their fullest potential...They know they are holding themselves back from being their highest and fullest selves." 


Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, is associated with the highest point in our chart because it is connected with time and career. If you avoid structure and dislike hard work, it is unsurprising that Capricorns may be the enemy. This sign pushes for excellence because they are methodical and know what they can accomplish if they do the work. 

The native who dislikes Capricorns needs to align themselves with their goals to tap into their Saturnian energy so they can focus on attaining their desired path.

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What it means if you don't like Aquarius

Disliking Aquarius placements show a native who may have an issue with independent people who are not afraid to go against the status quo. Aquarius does not need to fit in with society. Aquarius may be known as the rebel not because they are against authority, but because they have no problem standing out and doing their thing. 

Having an aversion to Aquarius placements shows that the natives need to learn how to stand out and do their own thing, tap into their creative side, and learn how to break free of societal standards.

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What it means if you don't like Pisces

The mystery associated with Pisces placements can make them loved or hated. Pisces is a sign linked to transformation, the acquisition of personal power, and a connection to the unknown. 


Those who dislike Pisces may have a lousy relationship with religious institutions, spirituality, or their belief system. The native needs to understand their relationship with their personal philosophy and see why it makes them apprehensive of the things this Jupiter-ruled sign represents.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.