Why Cancers Are The Most Hated Zodiac Sign

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Why Cancers Are The Most Hated Zodiac Sign

Which zodiac sign is the most hated? This is a highly debated question, as everyone has an opinion, and nobody wants it to be their own zodiac sign.

Some zodiac signs are considered too stubborn, such as Gemini and Taurus. Other zodiac signs are viewed as too manipulative, like Aries, Leo, and even Scorpio.

Which zodiac sign is the most hated of them all?

While every sign has its haters, Cancers — those born between June 21 and July 22 — are disliked by many.

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We know that Cancers are the sign associated with love because of their relationship to home and the family.

But, the fourth solar house in astrology, which Cancer rules may not always be rosy. 

Take people familiar with Donato Bilancia, a Cancer sign and serial killer known by the name The Ligurian Monster; some may point to his Sun sign.

This is why depending on who you ask is the most hated zodiac sign some may think it has to be Cancer.

Cancer is the most hated zodiac sign because of its personality traits when expressed to the extreme.

For example, insecurity issues that stem from a Cancer's need to feel secure or their tendency to be moody, vindictive, and very pessimistic.

The fourth sign in the zodiac is overly emotional. Cancer is ruled by the moon, meaning their attitudes change just as frequently as the tides. For many, this can be overwhelming.

One moment they are acting as the upbeat entertainer, then suddenly they become withdrawn and discontent, for seemingly no reason.

This can make Cancer signs hard to be around, as their loved ones often feel like they are walking on eggshells in order to avoid their unpredictable mood swings.

Cancers also tend to be insecure.

They don't take criticism well, and one negative comment can send them into a tailspin. A single mean remark has the capability of ruining, not only their entire day but also their self-esteem.

Just as they will let what you said to them ruin their day, they will also make a point to remember it. These crabs are vindictive and aren't ones to forgive and forget.

Not only do they hold grudges, but they have a tendency to get back at those who they feel have wronged them. They can be petty and manipulative, so it's best to be careful when in contact with an angry crab.

Cancers are pessimistic.

They are the ultimate pessimist. Cancers always see the glass as half empty, rather than half full. They struggle to see the good in a situation and often resort to self-pity.

If they happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, they will be negative for the rest of the day, or maybe even the entire week. Moreover, they will make it everyone else's problem.

They often play the victim card and blame the rest of the world for all of their issues.

Still, despite their negative personality traits, Cancers are not likely to sink to their lows unless their fears are amplified.

Though sometimes they let their emotions get the best of them, their sympathetic and sensitive nature isn't always a bad thing.

They care deeply for their loved ones and are always able to empathize with other people's pain and suffering.

It's vital that their glass hearts are guarded, and when they feel protected, they respond with unending amounts of loyalty, affection, and love.  

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