What Makes Pisces Annoying?

The hardest zodiac sign to understand.

What Makes Pisces Annoying? Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Pisces can be annoying, but there are a lot of good things about this zodiac sign, according to astrology.

On the positive side, Pisces can be a friendly zodiac sign, and they tend to find themselves beloved by many people.

They are selfless, and they help others without anything in return.

Empathy and emotional capacity are both characteristics of the water sign.

But, what makes Pisces annoying?

Pisces is known to run away from life's problems.


In fact, Pisces can be an escapist.

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A Pisces has an intuitive understanding of the life cycle, and they are the most spiritual water sign of all.

They have the best emotional relationships with others.

They are known for their wisdom and they are always forgiving.


A Piscean isn’t judgemental, and they are the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs.

But the same personality traits that make Pisces so sweet as a zodiac sign are what causes them to bother friends, family, and loved ones.

If you love a Pisces and wonder why they constantly get under your skin in the worst sort of way, here's what makes Pisces annoying, per astrology:

1. Laziness

Pisces can be quite lazy.

When they are not motivated, a Pisces is very lazy.

They’re even considered emotionally lazy as they don’t’ put in the effort to make things right.

A Piscean can be lazy about something that they aren’t particularly interested in.

2. Decision-making is slow.

They are really indecisive.


A Piscean doesn’t enjoy making decisions and they would rather go with the flow.

Even if it’s the silliest of decisions, they will still struggle to make a decision.

Since they love going with the flow so much, they tend to be very open-minded.

They may just agree to anything and then proceed to pull out from the plans later on.

When it comes to relationships, a Piscean wants a partner who can make decisions for both of them.

3. They live in a fantasy.

A Piscean would rather be in a fantasy world rather than reality.

Rather than face tough situations, they’d rather escape from it.

They feel that with time, the situation will turn out okay and they’d be able to save themselves.


They tend to get lost in their mind and imagination.

Pisces are often described as escapists because of this.

They are dreamers and their planetary rulers are Jupiter and Neptune, with the latter representing illusions.

Pisces go from goal to goal and some of those dreams may seem impossible and out of reach.

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4. A negative attitude.

They can be pessimistic.

A part of the reason they are such escapists is that they tend to think the worst of each situation.

A Piscean rarely thinks positively of any situation.

Whenever they do manage to think positively, something or the other will have them thinking negatively again.


When they are feeling down, a Piscean will think every negative thought all at once.

They can’t easily get over a bad situation, which can lead to them feeling negative and having an overall negative feeling.

5. How they react to things.

Pisces can be oversensitive.

Words can cut deep with Pisces, so be careful with how you say things.

They are also sensitive to other people’s feelings.


They are the most sensitive sign out of the entire zodiac and they can get hurt on the smallest things.

Their sensitive manner may be part of the reason they can’t efficiently handle life.

6. Moodiness

A Piscean can be quite moody.

They are prone to random moody swings that seemingly have no cause.

Pisces are nice people but they are known for said mood swings and it’s best to give them space.

Their emotions can overcome them and causes them to be overly emotional.

It’s common for a Pisces to start crying in the middle of an argument.

It will take a while before they will get over what’s bothering them.

Just like their fellow water signs, they can hold onto grudges.


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