Why Do People Hate Geminis So Much?

They're one of the most disliked zodiac signs, but why do people Geminis?

Last updated on May 19, 2023

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Some zodiac signs are considered too stubborn, such as Taurus and even Capricorn. Other zodiac signs are too flirty and non-committal, such as Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, and even Aquarius.

And while each zodiac sign has its negative traits, there's one that's widely considered to be the most hated zodiac sign — and that's Gemini.

Why do people hate Geminis?

People hate Geminis "Because they find Geminis intimidating, are aggravated by them because they can't figure them out, or they're simply salty because they couldn't keep up," writes Reddit user pd_conradie in a thread seeking to answer this question.


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Of course, every sign has haters and doesn’t get along with other signs for their own reasons. But for some reason, it’s like the pizza topping issue, everyone has found a common enemy in pineapple pizza lovers. Gemini is the sad pineapple pizza lover in this case.


Oftentimes the issues stem from a Gemini’s tendency to be flighty and flakey as well as overenthusiastic and very talkative. They can get on others’ nerves easily without meaning to but also without really trying not to. They tend to want to be constantly busy and entertained and hate being in one place too long, getting bored with their situations easily which tends to offend others around them when Gemini just ups and leaves because of their boring company. 

Gemini is a sign that loves to socialize and be in everyone’s business. They are restless and never like being tied down for a long period of time. This causes them to be unfaithful to their partners when they have entered into a relationship, clearly creating big reasons for them to be hated. Nobody likes a cheater.

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When Geminis get bored, they tend to find their kicks elsewhere. This may not necessarily be with other people but through other activities in their lives. They go on adventures or have fun on their own and that is satisfying enough for them. They don’t rely on the company of friends and loved ones as much as most signs tend to. They are too impatient and antsy to wait around for anyone else to join in their activities.


Gemini's symbol is the Twins. This is a good portrayal of the dual personalities that they express to others. They constantly have ups and downs and are always changing their minds. They can be totally happy-go-lucky one moment and then be angry and moody the next. This is another thing that tends to turn people off from associating or being friends with Gemini. It’s hard to put up with consistent mood swings. These hot and cold mood swings always affect their relationships and friendships.

The thing is, Geminis tend to be very intriguing and addicting people. Others often fall into their charming and charismatic trap and end up getting hurt, whether Geminis do it intentionally or not. 

However, Astrologer Vanessa Hardy "wouldn’t recommend bringing in any preconceived notions" about a person's zodiac sign when meeting them. "Our astrology actually evolves over time...Not to mention, people can have the same Sun sign but have vastly different personalities due to the way their charts are cast," she explains.

This means it's important not to judge or stereotype anyone on their zodiac sign and instead get to know each individual for who they are.


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