What To Expect During 2nd House Profection Years

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Annual profections is a unique branch of astrology that divides our life into cycles of 12 years. Each year is ruled by one house of the zodiac wheel, starting from the first house profection year (the year of birth) all the way to the 12th house profection year (which begins at age 11). The cycle starts over in a first house profection year at the age of 12 and continues like so.

The second house profection year occurs at the ages of 1,13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and so on. And depending on the placements in your birth chart, it can revolutionize your sense of stability and security or bring intense challenges and life lessons that force you to grow up.

Meaning of 2nd house profection year in astrology

Second house profection years draw to us people, circumstances, and fated events that challenge our sense of security, push us out of our comfort zone, and help or hinder our self-esteem.

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The second house is the domain of Venus and the natural house of the Taurus zodiac sign. In an astrology chart, it represents personal finances, what an individual needs to feel safe and secure and how they approach the concept of value with respect to tangible goods, intangible things, and also people.

Whether you will have a good 2nd house profection year or not depends on a lot of factors. Namely, the zodiac sign, house placement and aspects to your natal Venus, the natural ruler of the second house profection year, and the lord of your natal second house.

Benefits and challenges of a second house profection year

People who have a well-placed Venus in their birth chart have extremely fruitful experiences during their second house profection years. Some experience a glow-up, others find security through purchasing a home and still others may find themselves extremely lucky in various aspects of life.

But if you have a poorly placed natal Venus, you may experience the loss of your home, take on bad loans, lose your sense of security, experience a divorce, feel unworthy or useless and lose your wealth during your second house profection years.

The zodiac sign and house placement of Venus can give you further clues on the exact nature of this time period.



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If you have Venus in air signs, comfort and security will either be found or challenged through situations that require communication and people skills. If you have Venus in fire signs, the focus will be on love and romance, especially your sexuality and whether you are comfortable with it and how it overlaps with societal ideals of beauty and sexual acceptability.

If your natal Venus is in water signs, you may find yourself going through emotional highs and lows that either help you unburden yourself and heal yourself or create traumas and triggers. Earth sign Venus placements are the best though as the second house is an earth house. Therefore, your luck in the area of personal finances, money, and wealth accumulation can be through the roof.

You also need to look at the Lord of your natal second house for more insights about your second house profection year. For example, if you have Scorpio in your second house, the Lords of your second house are Mars and Pluto. This can highlight a year that brings conflict to your doorstep to help you become stronger so you can find security through your inner strength and capabilities.

Plus, it's important to be aware of the age group of your second house profection year because the experiences you have when you are 13 and when you are 49 will not be the same.

Ultimately, one must keep in mind that life is a series of experiences that blend into one another.

So whatever your second house profection year might be like, it will definitely have an influence on your third house profection year in the following year. Keeping a positive mindset as you face challenges and staying in touch with reality while you face benefits can help you navigate these twists and turns with more ease. 

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