The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Sagittarius, According To Astrology

Connections, and not things, are what creates the abundance you seek.

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The year ahead will largely focus on your relationships. However, the 2024 Sagittarius lucky day horoscope shows there is an underlying theme of a massive shift occurring in how you perceive the connections in your life.

Pluto, lord of the underworld, is making its final move in 2024 to Aquarius, leaving behind Capricorn and your second house for the last time in this lifetime. Pluto in Capricorn has brought a great deal of challenges to your life in the past thirteen years, especially in terms of finances and even what you feel is of the greatest significance to you. Pluto in Capricorn has made it challenging at times to see the value someone brings to your life and not as an actual asset themselves. You might have feared letting go, making the wrong decision or honoring your self-worth, as self-esteem often becomes a cornerstone of Pluto in Capricorn.


Now, as this planet makes its final move into Aquarius, you will be feeling and seeing things quite differently. This will allow you to understand your worth more deeply and to make the financial decisions necessary to create the long-term abundance you desire. 

However, Pluto in Aquarius also highlights a theme of the current eclipse cycle in Aries and Libra, which addresses the themes of your fifth and eleventh houses. This will reveal how your relationships with others define what you can achieve in this life. Your community circle can either build you up and inspire you, or they can tear you down and block you from accomplishing all you dream of.


Let this be the year you choose wisely. Let it be the time when you choose to surround yourself with those who are doing amazing things, who challenge you in the best ways possible, and whose mere presence in your life makes you want to reach for the stars — because that is where your luck will be found.  

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Sagittarius' lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024

Luckiest day in January: Thursday, January 4 

Capricorn energy rules your second house. This is a complex space that rules everything from how you feel about yourself to what you value the most in life and even the financial wealth you generate.


With Pluto shifting into Aquarius and helping bring many of those generational lessons to a turning point, Mars will shift into Capricorn and help you get to work. This is not a month to disappear on holiday or spend it hibernating the cold months away. Instead, you are being directed to do the work necessary to change things for the better.

If you're still struggling with how you feel, reflect with some self-worth journal activities, focusing on your inner child and positive self-affirmations. Once you know what you deserve and feel more positive about yourself, everything else changes more easily, so this is the place to begin.

This area of your life can also encourage saving more than spending, so try to keep an eye on your finances this month as you plan for the year ahead.

Luckiest day in February: Saturday, February 24 

The Full Moon in Virgo will light up your career sector as you start to think about your life and purpose in the bigger picture. Saturn and the Sun are opposite the Full Moon in Pisces, so there may be old conditioning or expectations of those you grew up with that you may need to triumph over. Never let someone else, even a beloved family member, tell you what you deserve. Instead, embrace your deep intelligence and keep working for what it is you want.  




The Full Moon in Virgo may bring to fruition events from the New Moon, which occurred on September 14, 2023. Reflect on that time and what you were just beginning or starting to dream of in terms of your career. Now, especially with Pluto out of Capricorn, you are being encouraged to create your success and put in the work to have a career that can support the life you want to live.

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Luckiest day in March: Saturday, March 9 

March is an interesting month because there is a shift in your focus. Unlike the rest of the year, which will have you building up your finances, entertaining new job opportunities and reflecting on how you can expand into an energy of abundance, March will be drawing your focus to the energy the current eclipse cycle will be addressing.  


This can be an extremely beneficial month for you to make new connections, commit to your destined success and embrace your relationships with others. If this is the path taken, it will absolutely lead to more abundance and even career opportunities. You also must be aware that because of the significance of this month, you must remain aware of who you choose to surround yourself or partner with.

Yes, there is a possibility for immense success, but there is also an option for another path, one that you will have to choose not to take consciously. Remember, not every person who crosses your path is meant to stay in your life. Some are just a test from the universe to see how much you've grown.

Luckiest day in April: Monday, April 1 

In April, the Last Quarter Moon rises in Capricorn as you are encouraged to release an old belief or way of financially governing your life. Last Quarter Moons inspire you to rise above, overcome any challenge and become even more determined to achieve your goals. As you are focusing on this energy, the Aries and Libra energy of the eclipses will continue to swirl around you.



Try to use the energy this month as a chance to embrace moments of greater happiness, joy and time with family as you start to understand how the destination you reach in life is often determined by the people you surround yourself with. Make sure you are mindful of choosing through your healing and not wounding this month so you can clear away what is no longer necessary and show the universe you are in the place to receive all you deserve.


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Luckiest day in May: Wednesday, May 15 

May brings Jupiter's move into Gemini, which will be part of highlighting the importance of your relationships for the year.



This unto itself can be a lucky move, especially if you choose your partner based on what you hope to grow into and not what you've been conditioned to expect. When you allow yourself to grow into who you are meant to be, you also can seize more opportunities.  


Asteroid Ceres stations retrograde to Capricorn in May, which will send you on a three-month journey of reflecting on how you care for yourself, your worthiness and your finances. This is a powerful message from the universe to get your financial house in order, as you can't receive more until you demonstrate you can handle what you currently have. Try to get caught up on bills this month and any other debts you may have so you can make the most of this energy and come out even stronger on the other side. 

Luckiest day in June: Friday, June 21 

The Full Moon in Capricorn shines a light of hope as it rises in your house of finances and self-worth. This is predominantly the theme for you this year.

Although you may have new opportunities come into your life and will even be reflecting on your career, it's actually how you feel about yourself that is meant to be where you find your luck. Because to surround yourself with those of the most benefit, you first must know you are worthy. Try to reflect on what seems like is coming full circle since the New Moon in January and how you feel you've grown in knowing and advocating for what you are worth.

You may realize that not everyone you thought was rooting for you was, but rather than take this as a downfall, see it as a chance to clear away the clutter and reprioritize your goals. Everything that is happening truly is for your higher good; you just must be in the position to see that.


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Luckiest day in July: Tuesday, July 2 

Mercury, the planet that governs communication, your inner voice and even correspondence, shifts into Leo, ruler of your career sector. Mercury, though, will be stationing retrograde in August, so it's best to use the first two weeks of July to focus on anything involving higher education, travel or new jobs. Once Mercury enters its pre-shadow phase, it can bring in unnecessary complications.  

In the second half of the month, you may also start reflecting more about how your past choices have played a part in creating the life you are now living. This will be emphasized by the Nodes of Fate in Aries and Libra, so be mindful of any connections that surface without letting it knock you down. Only by realizing you might not have ended up where you hoped can you start making the changes you desire, so take each realization as an opportunity to do better.

Luckiest day in August: Sunday, August 4 

Venus will shift into Virgo this month, highlighting career matters and finances, but Mercury will also shift back into Leo as part of its retrograde before beginning in Virgo. Rather than applying for a new job, this is a time to reflect on your current position. Journal about whether there is room for growth and expansion and if it feels like it aligns with your soul's purpose in this lifetime. You've been doing a lot of groundwork to move ahead in life with the lessons of Capricorn, but now you need to fully implement them, which is what Venus and Mercury retrograde will assist with this month. 


You may find yourself wanting to inquire or even being offered a position you previously had at either the same or a different company. While big changes aren't often favored while Mercury is retrograde, if you can see how a previous position honored more of your value, what you want your life to be like and even benefit your financial sector, then feel supported in making this move. While not moving ahead into something new is urged, retracing your previous steps and going back to something from your past is.

Luckiest day in September: Monday, September 2 

The New Moon in Virgo in your house of career indicates that the reflection period of Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Leo will serve a benefit as you begin a new phase in your professional life. This may be returning to an old position or even going back to school for an advanced degree. Whatever it is, trust that this is something you are meant to do, even if it asks you to make sacrifices in the current moment.  

Pluto will also reenter Capricorn as part of its retrograde journey, where it will be for approximately two months before permanently shifting into Aquarius for the next twenty years. This shouldn't bring up matters from the past or drag you back too much. Instead, it should be a final opportunity to honor your worth, settle old debts and change the way you treat those important relationships in your life. By continually being open to learning, you can guarantee that every step of your path serves a higher purpose.


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Luckiest day in October: Thursday, October 10 

Venus will shift into your sign of Sagittarius this month, encouraging you to practice loving yourself with more radical acceptance. As this energy begins to filter into your life, you can take full advantage of the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn. While you've been doing a lot of releasing in this area of your life, you haven't yet started really focusing on what you want to begin. Allow yourself to set an intention for a life that honors what you deserve, financial wealth and the relationships in life that make it all worthwhile. This is your chance to demonstrate to the universe just how far you've come and what the standard is that you're now setting for your life.

The second Libra Eclipse this month will rise in your house of community and relationships, so be mindful of drastic changes you might have to make or those that are made for you. Remember, to embrace that lesson Pluto in Capricorn means to no longer fear letting go because in the space that is made from doing so, is the same one abundance can take root.

Luckiest day in November: Sunday, November 3 

Mars, the planet of passion and motivation, shifts into Leo, ruler of your house of abundance and expansion, making this the luckiest month of the year, especially as Pluto finally makes its permanent move into Aquarius. Not only is there a cycle of struggle and lack ending within your life, but you are truly motivated to make some tremendous changes in your life. This may also play off the themes that arose when Venus was in Leo in 2023, so reflect on that time for hints at what this period may represent for you.  


While this is the luckiest month of the year, and you will be itching to move ahead in numerous ways, you must also practice patience. Sometimes, you can become so dedicated to starting something new or honoring your passion that you can move ahead faster than the universe intends for you. This time, whatever you're building is meant to be brought to fruition slowly, and as Mars begins to enter its pre-shadow phase for its retrograde next month, it's important to honor the role of divine timing in your life.

Luckiest day in December: Monday, December 30 

December ends with the New Moon in Capricorn, which will feel like the new beginning you've been moving toward all year. As much as things will feel light, more abundant and even richer in many ways, you are still being urged to progress slowly as Mars stations retrograde in Leo.

Mars prefers to move ahead at a dramatic clip, seizing what it wants and honoring its deepest passions. But when it's moving through its retrograde journey, it's going to slow you down so you can feel confident that you are on the path you are meant to. Mars retrograde can also provide what seems like restrictions, not because what you're working toward isn't meant for you, but to show you how badly you want it and how much it means to you.

This is a perfect time to practice some meditations on honoring your inner voice and patience and to journal about what it is you want to create in the new year. You have made dramatic progress in stabilizing your finances and have begun to open yourself up to more opportunities in life — now, all you need to do is not lose hope because your moment of breakthrough is right around the corner.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.