How To Calculate The Tarot Card You Were Born Under

Do you know yours?

Last updated on Aug 25, 2023

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Tarot is a popular card game that involves reading cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future by producing a question, drawing a card, and interpreting it. Just like every person has a zodiac sign, we each have a birth card.

And the answer to "What tarot card am I born under?" is as simple as completing an easy math problem.

Tarot is all about working with the divine in life, which is things in your life related to, devoted to, or proceeding from a god. The cards are split into two categories: the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards.


Major Arcana cards are often a prompt to reflect on your life's broader lessons and overall themes, while Minor Arcana cards are four suits that focus on different parts of our lives: the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

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Tarot Birth Card Meaning

Your birth card has significance because of what it reveals about your life.

A Tarot birth card holds particular significance for you depending on your date of birth. It mirrors a key aspect of your journey and pinpoints the essential teachings you should focus on mastering.

Birth cards reveal how others start to know you, and are the starting place of self-awareness and the Tarot's first means of self-knowledge. They give us a feeling of having a place in the world and a role to play in our life. They explain our strengths and weaknesses and a facet of our life that is constant.

Through your birth card, you can discover what the challenges, roles, and greatest potentials are in your life.


How To Calculate Your Tarot Birth Card

What tarot card am I? According to TikToker Anastasia (@anastasiamoongirl), calculating your tarot birth card is simple.



1. Write down the date, month, and year you were born.

For example, if you were born on April 3, 1995, you would write 04/03/1995.

2. Add the day and month together.

Using the previous example, your calculation would be 04 + 03 = 07.


3. Add the first two numbers and the last two numbers of your year.

For 1995, you'd do 19 + 95 = 114.

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4. Add those two totals together.

Take the total from adding your day and month, and add that to the total of your year.

For example, 07 + 114 = 121.

5. Add the final total together.

If it’s a three-digit number, you add the first two and the last number together to get your birth number. Take the previous example, for instance, which as a three-digit result would then be 12 + 1 = 13.

If it’s just a two-digit number, that’s your birth number.


Your birth card also corresponds to a second tarot card, and even a third, depending on the final number you end up with. It’s that easy!

Once you find your number you can look up what card correlates to your number:

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