The 25 Best Tarot Card Decks For Both Beginners & Experts

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Purchasing a tarot deck for the first time can be exciting and overwhelming. There are so many amazing decks to choose from, after all.

There are many tarot card decks on the market, ranging from beginner to advanced level, so it's easy to feel overwhelmed with so many exciting options.

Each tarot deck comes with unique artwork and symbolism. Some include a high-quality companion book on how to use the cards, and some just hit you with that certain energy that lets you know this deck is meant for you.

But tarot cards are so much more than just playing cards.

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Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or experienced with reading the cards, Tarot can answer the biggest burning questions in your life, whether it's about your relationships, career, or anything else for which you need answers.

Tarot cards provide guidance, help you get to know yourself a little better, help you get in touch with your intuition, see what bad habits are holding you back, and determine where you can improve on being honest with yourself.

For avid tarot readers or those just beginning to get a hang of the cards, this list includes some of the best, most beautiful, popular decks out there (it's still just a drop in the bucket, though!).

The 25 Best Tarot Decks For Beginners & Experts

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

This deck was originally published in 1909 and drawn by Pamela Colman Smith. It's considered the gold standard for tarot decks, as most decks are modeled from this deck.

A great beginner deck, there's plenty of information available about how to use this deck. The deck contains highly symbolic artwork but is pretty basic in artistic design. It's easy to use and sold in many locations and platforms.

Available from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $21.95

2. New Age Gilded Tarot Deck

The Gilded Tarot deck is a 78-card deck by artist Ciro Marchetti. This is a beautiful fantasy deck incorporating Medieval and even steampunk design elements.

The artist used both hand-drawn and digital designs to create this fantastic and beautifully colored deck. It's a vibrant deck modeled off the traditional Rider-Waite symbolism, and would make a lovely choice.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

3. Renaissance Tarot Deck

This lovely deck, created by artist Brian Williams, uses Greek god and goddess type figures, as well as mythology scenes to portray the symbolism of Tarot. Each card takes an opportunity to touch upon the stories and themes of ancient mythology.

With golden touches through the deck, it's bound to be entrancing to use. The subtle colors and design style are reminiscent of the historical art style of the Renaissance time period. Having this deck could feel like owning art seen in a museum of ancient works!

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

4. Dreams Of Gaia Tarot Deck

The Dreams of Gaia deck contains 81 cards by artist Ravynne Phelan. Each card is an artistic design dream, with colors combined in strong and vibrant detail. The colors used allow the cards each embody a bold symbolic statement.

Every card in this deck is beyond beautiful and the nature theme throughout is highly enjoyable. You may connect with this deck so much that you'll never want to use another.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews.

5. The Good Tarot Deck

The cards in this beautiful deck are ethereal and delicate; there's a fairytale feel to each card with soft flowing colors and lovely card designs. The energy offers a positive vibe to all the cards, with no negative approach; instead, it offers positive feedback even to tricky situations.

These cards have dreamy psychic imagery and symbols rooted in ancient times. The cards have a simple vibe and offer growth-centered interpretations.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

6. Crystal Visions Tarot Deck

Crystal Visions is a deck by artist Jennifer Galasso and has 79 cards. This dreamy deck was named for Stevie Nicks' album "Crystal Visions." The deck has an unknown "blank"-type card to indicate an unknowable element when drawn.

The Crystal Visions deck is based off the Rider-Waite Deck, using exquisitely beautiful designs to convey the energy and symbols of Tarot. The images are straightforward and clean.

The figures in the cards, while beautifully drawn, are bold and, as Tarot should be, symbolically full. For instance, the Death card has Rider-Waite symbols, and others such as runes and the Egyptian ankh.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

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7. Cosmic Tarot Deck

The Cosmic Tarot is a 78-card deck created by artist Norbert Losche. Both the images and energy of this cosmically beautiful deck are striking. It has an art deco theme, which many have a soft spot for.

The dignity in these cards is evident because the colors used, while muted, are still intense. Definitely a deck for wrapping in a silk scarf!

Available from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $26.95

8. Vice Versa Tarot Deck

The Vice Versa Tarot deck by two artists, Massimiliano Filadoro and Davide Corsi, is very unique. It's comprised of 78 cards, but every card has a fully designed backside, a reflection image of the front, for a total of 156 images.

Alternate meanings are included in the guidebook. It's not quite a beginner deck, but remember that you don't have to have a standard starting point if you have the passion to understand the cards. And the artwork will be there to fuel your excitement along the way.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

9. ShadowScapes Tarot Deck

The ShadowScapes Tarot Deck was created by artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. There are 78 cards in this stunning deck, splendid with heavenly watercolor images.

The deck focuses on positive energy, and the companion book is loaded with ephemeral stories to go with each card. A deep lesson lies in each.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews.

10. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by artist Kim Krans is themed like the Gaia Deck, with nature as the prominent symbols; instead of painted or colored images, these cards are more similar to hand-drawn sketches with vibrant pops of color in each, giving emphasis to the colored portion.

The Wild Unknown is a very popular deck, and the tarot cards are easy to understand. The companion book is 207 pages of detail on understanding the animal totem symbols in each card.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

11. Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck

Published June 1979, the Morgan-Greer deck was drawn by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan. This deck has the standard 78 cards, and is a modern deck inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot, with its deep saturated colors and close perspective.

It also has themes of knowledge and wisdom, and the creators designed them to evoke an emotional reaction just by looking at a card.

Available from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $21.95

12. Robin Wood Deck

Released by Robin Wood in 2002 after working on it for years, this deck has only increased in popularity. It comes with a 56-page booklet that explains the meanings of each card and the layouts used.

The images in the deck are vibrant and feature depictions of nature, and has a more earthy form like the original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

13. Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Deck

Created by Brigit Esselmont and Eleanor Grosch, this is the perfect pocket deck to carry around or travel with.

It provides a modern take on the Rider-Waite deck, and features a gorgeous color scheme of purple, white and gold. It also comes with cards that explain how to do a reading in an intuitive way.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

14. Gaian Tarot Deck

This deck was created by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Both healing and earthly, the Gaian Deck is all about unity as it reaches out to multicultural communities to help the planet. It's both modern and mystic in its nature, as it speaks to loving care of Mother Earth.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

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15. The OK Tarot Deck

Created by Adam J. Kurtz, this modern deck was released in 2018. The OK Deck ditches traditional religious symbols, and shows a new representation of gender and race, as it isn;t conforming to the current standards.

The deck includes the traditional 78 cards, along with a 48-page instruction booklet. Plus, that gorgeous pink color is incredibly unique and fun.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

16. The Marseille Deck

The Marseille Deck was originally published in the 1930s, and the cards have more of an abstract art style.

Also known as its French name, Tarot de Marseille, many tarot decks take inspiration from this one. It contains 56 cards divided into four suits, and is often found to have its suits in French Bâtons, Épées, Coupes, and Deniers.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

17. Visconti-Sforza Pierpont Morgan Tarocchi Deck

A representation of the oldest decks known, the Visconti-Sforza Pierpont Morgan Tarocchi deck includes 15 incomplete sets. None of the decks are complete and each only has a few face cards.

The beauty and history of these decks make them priceless. While the deck originally held 78 cards, over time cards became lost and now it only holds 74. The deck was supposedly produced around the early 1450s!

Available from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $45

18. Mystic Mondays Deck

A modern deck known for its bright colors and simplicity, Mystic Mondays is known for the motifs it holds and tropical backgrounds. This deck holds 78 cards created by Grace Duong, and is one of the most modern decks to date.

The deck calls itself a "Deck for the Modern Mystic" and comes with handy instructions. Prepare to hone in on your mystical skills.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

19. Thoth Tarot Deck

Created by occult scholar Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris, it was named after the ancient Egyptian texts supposedly written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge.

Currently one of the highest-selling decks, it used to hold 2 extra Magus (Magician) cards, along with its traditional 78 cards.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

20. True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck

Drawn by actress Rachel True, who starred in the movie "The Craft," these cards present multiple possibilities, drawing off the reader's energy. True has read tarot cards for many years and shared her knowledge through this deck.

Published as recently as 2020, the deck holds the 78 traditional cards, and includes personal stories from True about Hollywood and what the cards mean for each individual person.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

21. Create Your Own Tarot Deck

Created by Alice Ekrek, the Create Your Own Tarot Deck includes all 78 cards, each completely free of color and ready for you to fill in.

Based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, this tarot deck is perfect for those looking to add a personal touch. Plus, coloring the cards in is a great way to zen out and relax.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

22. Spiritsong Tarot Deck

This gorgeous deck was created and illustrated by artist and musician Paulina Cassidy, and includes cards that feature spirit animals selected specifically on their unique symbolism. The Minor Arcana is made of Acorns, Feathers, Shells, and Crystals, all of which have divine meaning.

Not only will the beautiful images on the cards fill you with joy, but it's an opportunity to connect with the divine in your own special way.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

23. Tarot del Toro Deck

For fans of Guillermo del Toro, you'll love this "twisted take" on the traditional tarot deck. Featuring original artwork inspired by characters in del Toro's films, you've certainly never seen a deck like this!

Perfect for those interested in the macabre, the deck also includes a guidebook and an introduction to spreads.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

24. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Whether you're a baby witch interested in crystals or an experienced tarot reader, this deck by Lisa Sterle includes cards depicting diverse women and bodies combined with "the strength and power of 21st century witchcraft, where we make our own magic."

With a contemporary twist, this deck will answer all your pressing questions while helping you feel empowered.

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

25. Horror Tarot Deck

For people interested in all the spooky creatures of lore, the Horror Tarot Deck is just for you. Including haunting illustrations like vampires, werewolves, and other macabre beings, you'll feel immersed in the world of classic horror movies and literature.

Also included is a guidebook with each card's meaning, a decorative gift box, and an all-around creepy experience!

Available on Amazon, check for prices and reviews

What is the best beginner tarot deck?

While there are many different opinions on which tarot deck is the best for beginners, there are multiple arguments as to which deck is the best.

Tarotist and astrologer, Aria Gmitter, recommends the Rider-Waite deck, saying, “The best tarot deck for a beginner is one that has strong symbolism, bold colors, and a guidebook. I recommend all tarot beginners pick up a Rider-Waite Tarot deck because it's easy to find and there is a lot of information to help understand the deck when you are first starting out."

Gmitter also recommends the Morgan-Greer deck, adding that, “At the end of the day, it's really all about who you are as an intuitive being, and less about the deck itself. You might want a few different types as a beginner to figure out which one works best for you.”

Beginners will also want to pay attention to the material of the deck. Adds Gmitter, "You will also want to buy a deck that has good reviews and is printed on heavy card stock due to the wear and tear decks endure during shuffling.”

Overall, there is no right answer for the best beginner tarot deck. However, it's probably helpful to have a deck that explains the meaning of each card, and perhaps includes an introduction to reading cards.

To broaden your horizon even more, there are also oracle decks. Oracle cards differ from tarot cards, as the reading is more internal than external.

What is the best tarot deck for experts?

People who describe themselves as tarot experts may have practiced the art itself for quite some time. But according to Gmitter, "I define an expert tarot reader as someone who studied the tarot in a school, has dived into books written by Edgar Cayce and understands numerology, astrology, and other things that tie into the history of tarot itself."

Whether this is you, or if you still consider yourself an "expert" without the aforementioned guidelines, there are certain decks experienced tarot readers should consider.

"Every expert tarot card reader would likely want to own a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, the Tarot de Marseilles (Professional Edition) since it is the oldest tarot deck in the world, a Thoth deck, or the Dionysus Classic Design Tarot Cards Deck," Gmitter advises.

Should I buy my own tarot deck?

Some seasoned tarot card readers think you shouldn't purchase a deck for yourself, but receive it as a gift instead. However, it's perfectly okay to purchase a tarot deck for yourself, because who makes all those rules anyhow?

Says Gmitter, “We all want this journey into the discovery of our intuitive nature to be special, and that is where the superstition of not buying your own tarot deck began. However, it's an untrue statement. In fact, many tarot card collectors and readers buy their own decks. Like tattoos, once you start, it's hard to quit wanting to have more.”

So, if you feel connected to having someone else purchase and/or choose a tarot deck for you, that's fine. But if you want to take your time finding the deck that feels right for you to purchase yourself, there are reasons each deck may or may not make a good choice for you.

Choosing your own tarot deck and even making the purchase yourself can be empowering. And why not? Your tarot cards are bound to feel like something you can connect to energetically.

And if someone wants to buy a tarot deck for you as a gift, knowing which one you would prefer can make the present that much better for both of you.

How to Decide What Tarot Deck is Right For You

While there are certain aspects of a tarot deck to keep in mind when choosing one — like the imagery, your experience level, and the size — what is most important is that you find a deck you connect with.

“Tarot reading is about interpreting symbolism and the vibe you feel when you see the card. Since there are so many cool tarot decks out there, choose a deck that you will enjoy using,” recommends Gmitter. “Some beginners may feel disconnected from the images if they dislike them. What good is a deck if you buy it and won't use it or can't tap into your intuitive side because it does not speak to you?”

Additionally, while the quality of the deck is essential in making sure you have it long-term, the deck should also speak to you with its symbolism.

“A good tarot deck speaks through its imagery and symbolism. Since Tarot taps into your intuitive side, beginners and experts should choose a deck that fits in with their personality,” Gmitter adds.

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