The Unique Way You Express Love, Based On Your Personality Type

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You know that old saying, "Actions speak louder than words?" Well, it's incredibly true, especially in relationships.

It's important to hear "I love you" from the person you're with, but it's also essential to show your partner you love them with your actions. Words of affirmation are only just the beginning.

Whether you like to plan for your future together, talk more intimately, or spend all your free time together, showing your partner that you love them is what will keep the relationship going.

We each have a unique way of showing someone we love them, and it can be traced back to your Myers-Briggs personality type.

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Here's how each Myers-Briggs type expresses love — without saying a word.

ISTJ: Making them laugh

The ISTJ personality type is serious and committed when it comes to their relationships. In fact, they are in it for the long haul once they find the right person.

Your way of showing your partner that you're in love is by showing respect and making them laugh. Your humor only comes out when you're around people you care about.

INFJ: Being emotionally available

​INFJs are in tune with their emotions. As such, your way of saying "I love you" without words is being their very own personal counselor.

You will be emotionally available to your partner's needs, allowing them to express themselves freely to you. You're naturally warm and caring, so catering to someone's emotional needs isn't a problem.

INTJ: Giving compliments

Though INTJs aren't quite emotionally expressive, that doesn't mean they don't have their own ways of showing someone they love them. INTJs have a complicated time processing anything that isn't based on logic and reasoning.

While a romantic relationship isn't your forte, you always try your best. And one of the biggest ways you express how you feel is by giving compliments.

ENFJ: Spending quality time together

ENFJs are ruled by the heart. Because of this, this personality type doesn't want to spend a moment apart from the one they love.

As an ENFJ, your way of showing your love is by spending all your time with your partner. You simply can't spend a lot of time alone, so being with the person you love most is sure to bring an abundance of joy.

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ISTP: Going on adventures

ISTPs are risk-takers, so they will do anything in their power to ensure their partner is always experiencing something new.

Your way of saying "I love you" without words is by taking your partner on new adventures. You enjoy new experiences, so having memories with the one you love is timeless.

ESFJ: Putting them first

ESFJ loves to be the center of attention and are naturally social butterflies, but sometimes, they don't mind passing the torch to the person they love.

Your way of saying "I love you" without words is by showcasing the love of your life to the world. You aren't fond of sharing the attention, but you will share it with the person you care for, because being side by side in the spotlight means everything to you.

INFP: Listening

INFPs are kind, loyal, and don't mind being a shoulder to cry on.

As an INFP, your way of showing your love is by making time to always listen to your partner. No matter what you're doing, you'll always make time for them. INFPs are also creative, so you will shower the person you love with beautiful poems they will treasure forever.

ESFP: Doing things that make others happy

ESFPs are incredibly generous, especially when they are deeply in love with someone. Though they aren't exactly keen on commitment, once they find the right person, they will do anything to make them feel joy.

Your way of showing love is by making those around you happy. You'll always find new and exciting ways to show your love to your partner!

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ENFP: Giving them undivided attention

Relationships mean so much to ENFPs, and this comes through in their passion and acceptance of their partner.

Your way of showing your partner you love them is showering them with your undivided attention. You will compliment so much, there is no way they won't know how much you truly adore them.

ESTP: Surprising them with a fun activity

ESTPs enjoy a good adventure, as they are impulsive and fun-loving.

Your way of saying "I love you" is by surprising your partner with an exciting trip or maybe a romantic getaway. You want to see the world, and what better way to do so than with your partner by your side?

ESTJ​​: Letting them lead

ESTJ personality types love to be in charge. This can lead them to be stubborn, but when they really care about someone, they will step back a bit.

Your way of showing someone you love them is by letting them take the lead. You won't be afraid to let them show off their own leadership skills.

ENTJ: Doing things that make them comfortable

When an ENTJ falls in love, they focus on their actions. This personality type is outgoing and friendly, and has no problem changing who they are just a little bit to make their partner happy.

You have no problem adjusting to your partner's needs. If they don't like your attitude, you'll adjust. If they don't like your clothes, you'll change your style, but without losing who you are. You're all about being a "new you" for the one you love.

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INTP: Being vulnerable

​INTPs spend a lot of time in solitude, often confined in their own thoughts that sometimes they forget to pay attention to those around them.

But as an INTP, when you love someone and want to express that without saying much, you share parts of yourself with your partner. You let yourself get down to the nitty-gritty of emotions, sharing all of who you are with them.

ISFJ: Being empathetic

ISFJs are extremely compassionate towards other's feelings, especially when they are in love.

You show your partner you love them by doing the necessary work to maintain the relationship, and showing empathy towards your partner. You're selfless and kind-hearted, so you will make sure they are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

ENTP: Discussing the future

ENTPs have a reputation for being loners, and appearing insensitive and condescending. But that isn't in the way they act in their love lives.

You show a person you love them by talking about your future together. You'll talk about where you want to live together, how many kids you want, and what kind of pets you would like to have. As long as they are in that future alongside you.

ISFP: Trying something new together

ISFPs like to have a good time, and the best way they can do this is by living life to the fullest with the one they love.

You show love by wanting to do new things with your partner. You just want the person you love right beside you to enjoy all of life's greatest moments, whether it's going on a vacation together, walking across a bridge, trying all types of foods, or even going camping in the wilderness.

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