People With The Most Charismatic Personality Type Share 10 Specific Traits

The ENTJ commands control.

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Our personalities are what define us, how we make decisions, react to certain situations, and the way we choose to live our lives.

While there are some individuals who are quiet, introverted thinkers, there are others who prefer the social kind of life, where they can take the lead and exude confidence.

Think of the most dominant, confident, and most successful person in your life. It’s likely that this person has the ENTJ Myers-Briggs type.


ENTJ Meaning

The ENTJ personality type stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. It's one of 16 personality types described by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a widely-used personality test created by Isabel Briggs-Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, in order to organize and expand upon the personality theories of famous psychologist Carl Jung.

People with the ENTJ personality type are confident, logical, energetic, ambitious, and are the leaders of whatever group they find themselves in. ENTJs have quite strong personalities, and are incredibly social creatures, using their excellent communication skills to energize themselves.


Of the types, ENTJ comes first in self-assurance and assertiveness, so it's no surprise they're also called the Commander personality type. It’s also no wonder that they typically make their way to the top of social hierarchies and are overrepresented among business owners.

Their logical thinking also allows them to make informed decisions, succeed in high-stress careers, and make their point of view known to others.

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However, because ENTJs think logically and analytically, they aren't too keen on recognizing the emotions of others. Along with being critical of others and appearing insensitive, they also have trouble expressing their own inner feelings.

The ENTJ personality takes charge and plans accordingly, which can be off-putting to others who have a more "go with the flow" disposition. But just like every other person in the MBTI, the ENTJ has its own set of positive and negative personality traits.

Positive & Negative ENTJ Personality Traits

1. Charismatic

ENTJs are able to use their awesome presence and charisma to get people to follow them into any situation. They regularly have others telling them that they have an inspirational and motivational personality.

2. Blunt

ENTJs are not intentionally blunt, but are very straightforward people. Some may think this is a weakness, but it's a good thing to not put up with pleasantries and get right down into the nitty-gritty.


3. Social

Socially, ENTJs know how to get things moving with ease. In fact, it’s basically second nature. Unlike most individuals who get tired by too many interactions with people, ENTJs thrive on it. The more they get to talk, do, and go out places, the more alive they are.

4. Efficient

ENTJs are, if nothing else, massive fans of convenience and efficiency. Doing things slowly — or worse, inefficiently — will make most ENTJs flip out.

ENTJs often make a point to smooth out everything into a well-oiled machine, just because they can, and because inefficiency ticks them off so much. These are the people who set and achieve their goals.

5. Confident

Natural leaders can’t lead without innate confidence. ENTJs ooze it out of every pore, often to the point that others will call them “diva-like” or even aggressive in the way they deal with things. This is only because being the extraverted intuitive ENTJs are focused primarily on the big picture.


6. Arrogant

Compared to other Myers-Briggs types, ENTJ is the most arrogant. This confidence helps them in competitive contexts but hinders their social relationships and ability to connect with others.

They’re quick to put themselves first and neglect to think of others’ needs or the needs of the group as a whole. They may have the potential for truly inspiring leadership, but sometimes it gets wasted on their egos.

7. Impulsive

Sometimes, high confidence comes with the assumption of always being right, whether or not they’ve thought things through. ENTJs run the risk of having low impulse control due to feelings of entitlement and arrogance (see above).

At best, this leads to the occasional guilty chocolate bar in the checkout line. At worst, it can lead to an addiction.


While this certainly doesn’t affect all ENTJs the same, it is something to keep in mind if you have an ENTJ friend, family member or significant other.

8. Ruthless

ENTJs are some of the best leaders, but they’re also some of the most ruthless. An unchecked ENTJ can be seriously mean given even a small amount of power or lack thereof.

Their sense of entitlement (to power, subordinates, praise) makes them easily impatient, and they’re intolerant of opposing views and competition.

It doesn’t stop with ENTJs only in positions of power, though. They’re nasty in competition, too; they’ll step on anyone’s toes to get ahead. They’re also difficult as subordinates due to their insatiable desire to be in charge.


9. Apathetic

While this is certainly not true of all ENTJs, they aren't quite known as a sensitive personality type. Many have difficulty handling their emotions, especially when other people are involved.

Although they’re impressively introspective for being an extroverted personality type, they struggle with empathy for others and tend to ignore their own deep-seated feelings.

People with the Myers-Briggs ENTJ type have a hard time with emotional expression. This is largely due to their innate belief that emotions are a weakness and that they should be repressed and forgotten completely.

10. Stubborn

ENTJs are known for seeing their way as the right way, even when facts and pleading may suggest otherwise. With all the strong will that ENTJs are known for, it’s not surprising that this Myers-Briggs type is known for being stubborn from time to time.


That being said, ENTJs are often right most of the time.

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ENTJ Compatibility & Relationships

Although ENTJs can be seriously passionate and delightfully romantic partners, they carry some hefty risks with them into their relationships.

Their impulsiveness and the risk of them leaving the relationship on a whim tend to turn potential mates away. ENTJ partners can also be controlling to their significant others. Other times, they’re too focused on work and their own success, neglecting the relationship and leaving their partner feeling ignored and dissatisfied.

Despite their shortcomings, ENTJs are incredibly attractive personalities with outgoing, friendly spirits. They make great complements for partners who want to be part of a power couple, and many people are naturally attracted to them.


On the other hand, finding a partner who can keep up with ENTJ will be hard. Most people find them intimidating and will run away or try to tear them down.

When it comes to life as a partner, ENTJs tend to see themselves as personally responsible for their long-term relationship’s success. This means they will spend a lot of time ensuring their partner's happiness. However, their stubbornness may actually drive their mate away.

ENTJs are most compatible with Myers-Briggs types ENFP and INTP, as well as other ENTPs. However, they are least compatible with ISFP, INFP, and ISFJ personalities.

Best Career For ENTJ Personality

Obviously, ENTJs are drawn to leadership positions, especially if the position's job is to improve efficiency.


They enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems, understanding complex systems, determining where improvement is possible, and highly value structure in their work.

The best careers for ENTJs include being an accountant, financial analyst, auditor, architect, or convention planner.

Tips For Relating To An ENTJ Personality Type

1. Let them lead.

While it may not be appealing to have someone else control the situation when getting to know them. This doesn't mean you are "weak" for letting them take control; rather, it allows them to feel more comfortable and open up.


When ENTJ has the chance to share their goals and dreams with others, it lets them express their perspectives. However, you should still voice your own opinions; the last thing an ENTJ needs is a "yes" person boosting their ego.

2. Be patient.

Because ENTJs are very organized planners who want things to go a certain way, they may become frustrated when certain things aren't living up to their expectations. They also tend to be incredibly stubborn and impatient.

Rather than making them feel alienated, allow them to air their grievances so you can meet on the same level. It will certainly make the ENTJ seem less intimidating.

3. Connect with them one-on-one.

Naturally confident and charismatic, ENTJs shine among social groups; however, it's not quite the best setting when trying to learn more about a person.


Instead, have a conversation with the ENTJ one-on-one. This will make it easier to form a connection without them dominating the entire conversation.

Famous People With ENTJ Personalities

  • Charlize Theron
  • Jim Carrey
  • Harrison Ford
  • Salma Hayek
  • George Clooney
  • Adele
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Matt Damon
  • Quentin Tarantino

Is ENTJ a rare personality type?

Where the INFJ personality is the rarest Myers-Briggs type, the ENFJ personality is the second rarest! ENTJs make up just 2% of the general population, and are the least common type for women at 1%.

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