Why Every Couple Must Prioritize A Holiday Away Together — Just The Two Of You!

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Stop the world, we want to get off!

Maybe you are one of the vast numbers of women today who are pumping stress hormones in order to manage the challenges of high-pressured careers and the demands of home and family.

If so, it is little wonder if you have a never ending to-do list that leaves you little time to be as close to your partner as you’d like to be ... especially if he is very busy, too.

Perhaps like millions of hard working women today, you have so many demands on your time that you think that your relationship with your husband or partner does not have the focus it deserves?

Given the pressures that career-oriented women can experience, it can be easy to overlook the importance of taking a break and enjoying the pleasures of time-out with your partner.

This is even more likely to be the case if you have children who need to have priority when it comes to life outside your career commitments.

There is no doubt that when we are without the pressures of everyday life and in a different environment, we are likely to be more able to share and discuss topics and issues of importance more objectively.

Talking about how things could be more mutually rewarding in our relationships is more likely to be constructive and effective when we are both at a physical and emotional distance from our usual circumstances.

Some years ago, I was almost at a crisis point trying to juggle many of the pressures in my career and personal life.

Initially, my husband was not keen to pursue a suggestion I made that we get away from all our everyday stresses by spending time relaxing together enjoying the facilities on a top-class cruise ship.

However, the good news is that he did decide to give it a go, and we embarked on a holiday which helped us to realize how important and enjoyable sharing a real break without the usual pressures of life can be.

After a few days, we were both feeling far more relaxed as there were no to-do's constantly coming to mind. We had the time and space to not only enjoy the variety of activities shipboard life offers but also to talk about a breadth of topics that would be unlikely to get a mention in our life together at home.

Sharing quality time together as a couple away from the demands and stresses of our usual lives is the bottom line — doing so on a cruise is but one example.

No matter whether the way of getting away from the every day is hiking together in the mountains, staying for a week at a beach resort, snow skiing or whatever, spending time on a break together can help a couple to really connect and ensure that their relationship strengthens rather than disintegrates with pressures that are part and parcel of busy lives.

Plan now to take a break from the everyday life — even just a weekend away!

It could be the best step you could take to ensure your future happiness together.

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