The ONE Question You NEED To Ask Yourself If You Want To Find Your Soulmate

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No need to set yourself up for disappointment.

It is hard to believe that only a few decades ago almost everyone assumed they would marry  and they did!

No matter whether large or small, tall or short, good looking or plain, an extrovert or introvert, very bright … or otherwise … their chances of sharing life in a committed relationship were much higher than often they are for many singles today.

As a relationship mentor and matchmaker since 1976, I have been in an unusual position to witness the almost seismic shift that has taken place when it comes to the expectations held of that longed-for partner.

These days, even for the most eligible guy or gal, finding a partner can pose a real challenge for a matchmaker, as there are literally millions of singles of all ages searching for their mate via dating sites online.

Given that there must be many success stories, the vast majority presumably keep on dating and searching in their quest to meet that special someone.

But it's no wonder that your searches that seem to go nowhere make you feel pessimistic about your chances of meeting your match.  

Over my many years a matchmaker and relationship mentor, I have encouraged clients to recognize their real needs when it comes to finding a partner and having a relationship, rather than focusing on a long wish list of ‘must haves’.

Do you, like many others out there, find your expectations have been setting you up for disappointment before you even have the opportunity to go on a first date?

Unfortunately, focusing on what is missing from your wish list when meeting someone only once can blind you to the potential of developing friendship … and perhaps much more!

Perhaps, like so many of the discerning men and women who have contacted my consultancy, you have not also asked yourself this truly important question:

"Why is the partner I seek looking for me?"

It is one thing to have a wish list ... but another to consider what might matter to the person looking for you.

If you want to meet your special someone — soulmate, "the one", call it what you will — perhaps you need to be open to making some changes when it comes to your expectations?

Often it's our "soulmate wish list" that can be the cause of unnecessary unhappiness, because we are searching for someone who does not have us on their agenda!  

All too often the emphasis when partner-seeking is placed on instant physical attraction, rather than the likelihood of real compatibility.

When it comes to living and loving together, real chemistry is likely to be founded on much more than looks … and will often increase rather than diminish with time.

Stay positive and maximize the opportunities to enjoy each date you have.

You could be pleasantly surprised what a change in your attitude could lead to!

Yvonne Allen is an author, public speaker and international relationship expert, who is also a well-known media consultant. Visit Yvonne's website, www.YvonneAllenRelationshipMentor.com, or discover her eBooks on Amazon — including, Love Today: What's Gender Got to Do with It, Working Women: Having it All, Winning with Women, and others — if you'd like to know more about finding your ideal relationship and reach your goals for love!