3 Things Singlehood Can Teach You About Love

3 Things Singlehood Can Teach You About Love [EXPERT]

The lessons in love don't stop just because your single.

Sometimes we learn the most about relationships when we aren't even in one. If you're single, this is your time to be completely and fabulously selfish and determine what love really means to you. Instead of spending your days wondering why you're still single — and your nights on one bad date after another — here are the best things being single and dating can teach you about love. Being Single Isn't The End Of The World—10 Reasons Why It Rocks!

1. What you're not looking for. Or should we say, who. Bad dates are more than just embarrassing stories to share with your girlfriends over brunch. Most of us have a list of things and qualities we do want in a man, but few have a list of the things we don't want.

After a particularly terrible date, take a minute to evaluate where the whole thing went wrong. Was he rude? Not your type? Or worse? Figuring out what exactly it is that you don't want and being aware of these qualities in future dates will help narrow down your bad date stories from slim to none. How To Rock The Hell Out Of Being Single

2. Who you are. When you aren't part of a "we", the only person who can define you is, well...you!  Take this time to figure out who you are as an individual and make no apologies for it! This way, when you do fall in love again (and you will!), you walk into the relationship with an unshakeable confidence and sense of self that is not only incredibly sexy to the opposite sex, but protects you from ever losing yourself in the relationship. Single? 10 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

3. Love will always surprise you. Love is a sneaky little minx, not to mention horribly inconvenient. Just when you think you are completely content being single and aren't interested in sharing your life or your heart with someone, you bump into the man of your dreams.

This should teach you the most important lesson...that you shouldn't spend all your time single wanting to be in a relationship or hoping for things you don't have at the moment. The best thing about being single is the element of surprise-you never know when, or how, you'll find love. A random trip to the grocery store or checking your online dating inbox could change your life, and your relationship status in no time. 

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