5 Telltale Signs You're Ready For A Truly Loving Relationship


Are you ready for hotties like these?

Are you bored with relationships that feel shallow and self-serving? Here are 5 signs that you're ready for a deeper kind of loving relationship.

1. You Take Responsibility For Your Own Life Happiness, Health and Growth.

You don't need a mate to make you feel complete. You know that's not his or her job. You don't lose yourself in relationship.

You bring a healthy and happy self to the relationship. And you allow yourself to change and grow as the decades pass by, naturally shifting as do the seasons where winters of introspection flow quietly into spring rain and a budding self-expression.

2. Your Partner's Happiness Is As Equally Important To You As Your Own.

Not only do you value your own happiness, but you value the happiness of your spouse, friends, coworkers, and all others across the planet inclusively. Instead of competing to get your needs met above others', you collaborate as a team. You take it upon yourself to find out their dreams and goals, and work together to ensure a plan that over time allows for all to live joyfully.

3. It's Easy For You To Forgive And Have Compassion.

Most people have a hard time forgiving. Often they mistake it as a sign of weakness, of condoning a wrong; and they have to be right. It is almost impossible for them to feel compassion, so lost are they in their self-interests that they can't see through the eyes of others.

Instead, you find it natural to feel compassion. You know what it's like to make mistakes and strong enough to take responsibility for them. Forgiving is easy because you know that it's about fresh beginnings...for each of us.

4. You're Attracted To Others Who Strive To Make A Difference In The World.

You seek out those who value making a difference in ways you can relate to. It turns you on to see him raise salaries for his workers way beyond the market would expect. You feel electricity sizzle throughout your body when she talks to you about starting a nonprofit for underprivileged and homeless kids.

Making love to your soul mate is a spiritual experience; the chemistry goes beyond the physical, and encompasses the whole self, mind and soul alike.

5. To You, Authentic Is A Verb.

You keep it real, whether in living your soul, speaking your truth, or caring about others. Your life is your meditation room; acting in the ways of love, your mantra.

If this sounds much like you, then you may be ready for a deeper kind of love. With your current relationships, speak to them about what you envision. Risk being vulnerable, for those who know how to love will be tender with your heart. Encourage them to talk to you about their dreams for a more intimate and meaningful life as well.

Collaborate together to help one another move toward these goals. In new relationships (friends, colleagues and partners) seek out those who share your vision of love. In this way, intimacy becomes redefined and moves way beyond the bedroom.