Showing Love Is As Easy As ABC


Sometimes telling a man you love him isn't enough. You need to show him as well.

Many of the dating articles directed at the female population are in regards to how to get a man, how to make him fall for you or how to make Beyonce proud and assure he indeed does put a ring on it. But, while these articles aren't wrong, they can be a little like putting the cart before the horse. In other words, they're kind of out of order. Instead of wondering how to make a man fall in love with you, you really should be pondering how to show a man you love him. Once you do step A, step B can't help but follow suit.

So, how do you do this? What ways can you take the concept of how to show a man you love him and use it to your (and his) advantage?

In reality, it's pretty simple to show a man — or anyone else — that you love them. You treat them well, you help them when they're hurting and you tell them that you love them. But, in regards to dating, it really just comes down to remembering something you learned all the way back in kindergarten: your ABCs.

A is for Attention: One of the surest ways of how to show a man you love him has to do with attention. Give it to him. Men can sometimes appear stoic and independent. But deep down inside all of them — or at least most of them — get weak in the knees when they get attention from a pretty lady.

This attention doesn't always have to be intimate or sexual (though some of it should be — ten out of ten guys agree). Some attention merely has to do with asking how his day was, how his work is going or if he's feeling okay. Partaking in interests he loves — whether they are camping or cooking, the Boston Red Sox or the Cleveland Browns — with an enthusiastic attitude (or at least a tolerant attitude) is also a way to give him your attention.

B is for Boldness: How to show a man that you love him also has to do with boldness. To illustrate this, think about yourself for a moment. You're pretty awesome, right? Now, think about the kinds of things you want in life and, by default, in a partner. You probably want things like happiness, respect and commitment. But it's also likely that you want something that most everyone craves: lots of excitement.

Now, it's important not to confuse excitement with drama as they are very different. Excitement is something fun and exhilarating. Drama is something that should be reserved for TNT.

C is for Communication: The "C" way of how to show a man you love him is one of the most obvious: communication. Ask any marriage counselor, query any long-married couple or consult any book in the relationship section of your local Barnes and Noble. They'll all tell you the same thing — communication is the key to a happily ever after.

A relationship can't flourish or even exist without communication. But, keep in mind that communication is not the strongpoint of the average male. Thus, it can't help but fall on your shoulders. This isn't to say you need to communicate like a seventeen-year old (constantly texting, tweeting or chatting his ear off). It is also not to say that he's allowed to remain silent while you do all the heavy lifting. But, you should be open, be honest and always tell him exactly what you're feeling. Making him guess isn't doing him — or your relationship — any favors at all.

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