11 Reasons Your Online Profile Isn't Getting Any Action


Your profile says a thousand words...make sure they're the right ones.

Gone is the stigma of those who meet online: it’s no longer just for Dungeons and Dragons-loving, cat-having, parents’ basement-living folks. Now, it’s as mainstream as meeting someone at a nightclub or coffee house. In other words, everyone is doing it. In recent years, it’s become one of the most popular — and successful — ways of how to meet women and men.

But, as successful as it is for some, victory is not universal: many people have tried every single online dating site and all they’ve walked away with are huge credit card bills and carpal tunnel. It’s not for lack of effort, but usually because something is innately wrong with the profile they present.

For men wondering how to meet women, the internet is so rich with possibilities that it can’t be ignored. However, because success is so contingent on a good presentation, the profile can’t be ignored either.

Overall, there are 11 common mistakes men make with their online profiles. These mistakes can kill any interest faster than calling out the wrong name in bed kills a relationship.

The wrong pictures: The biggest mistake in regards to pictures is no picture at all. In this day and age, no pic is unacceptable unless you are 1) a ghost 2) a vampire or 3) Amish. The other photo mistake involves posting pictures of yourself surrounded by gorgeous women. You may see these pictures as testimony that women love you, but women will only see them as threatening. 

Being too vague: Your words can go a long way in how to meet women online. They can hurt you or help you. Being overly vague will do the former. You don’t need to write your life story (that also can hinder your success), but simply saying something like “I’m a cool guy just looking for a chill girl to have a good time and do things with” is like saying “I have two arms, two legs, and I like to breathe.” It’s just doesn’t divulge enough.

Sending out too many emails: Online dating is a numbers game: the more contacts you initiate, the more likely someone will reciprocate interest. But, just because it’s a numbers game, that doesn’t mean your numbers need to be off the charts. Emailing too many women at once can get you in trouble: a lot of women sign up for online dating with friends. If you email two women who know each other, they’ll assume you’ve emailed every girl in a five state radius.

Sending out impersonal emails: Like the point above, emails that are impersonal is another lesson: how to meet women, online or elsewhere, involves making them feel special. An impersonal email makes girls about as giddy as snail mail addressed to “occupant.”

Not being forward enough: Another mistake often made by men is not being forward: you don’t need to imagine the cheerleaders from your high school shouting “Be Aggressive, Be-Be-Aggressive” in the background, but you need to not treat your online interests like pen pals. Someone needs to suggest an actual face-to-face date. And women want that someone to be you.

A horrible username: A username isn’t something that people put a ton of thought into. But, when talking about how to meet women, your username must be discussed. An excellent username won’t help you as much as a bad username will hurt you. It may also give women the wrong idea: most people remember when Michael Scott wanted to convey his love of children so he picked “Little Kid Lover.” Yeah, probably not one you want to go with.

The must have list: Perhaps one of the most common online dating mistakes is the must have list. Men and women both do this, including in their profile a list of things they want in the opposite gender. When this is done minimally, it’s beneficial: it can help people decide whether or not they are your type. But a laundry list of “this, this, this, this, this, oh and this” comes across as both arrogant and overkill. So, pick the top three things you want in a woman, and omit the rest.

Being too sexual: Since the beginning of time, women have been hit on by men only looking for sex. As a result, they are programmed to be sensitive to this issue. A profile that comes across as too sexual will turn most women off, rather than on. So, stay away from too many horn ball comments, and, as a result, your profile won’t resemble something written by an eighth grade boy.

Being too bitter: Bitter may be the new black, but it’s a color that looks good on no one: not men nor women. You may have a horrible dating history – you might have been cheated on, dumped, and stolen from. Your ex-wife may have even divorced you right after you gave her a kidney. But, no matter how dirty your laundry, don’t air it on your profile. Doing so will only cause women to click as far away as possible.

Being too coy: Women do like a little intrigue in their male counterparts. A little, not a ton. Being too coy in your profile leaves women wondering. Some may try to solve the mystery, but most won’t. They’ll instead move on to a profile that doesn’t make them guess.

Not having any humility: Humility is one of the silent heroes in how to meet women: girls aren’t all that fond of braggers. The reason is bragging makes people come across as one of two things: either ridiculously insecure or arrogant. Neither trait is a way to a woman’s heart. This doesn’t mean you can’t say that you’re the lead salesman on your team or you’ve climbed all the Fourteeners in Colorado. But, make sure among your list of accomplishments that you also include a piece or two of humble pie.

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