3 Ways To Make A Man Fall For You


Getting a man to love you may be simpler than you think.

If you’re the average single women, the chances are good that — at one time or another — you have wondered how to make a man love you. If you’ve wondered this out loud — perhaps to your girlfriends, your mother, or your therapist — there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the most common answers: just be yourself; it’ll happen for you eventually; and there’s someone out there for everyone.

But, while the answers of our loved ones do ring true (at least to a point), there is more to learning how to make a man love you.....even when the you is awesome.

This is because men — like women — are only human; they have their own wants, desires, and inevitable insecurities. What this all means is that getting a man to fall in love with you means walking a careful line between showing him you’re interested but not showing him too much.

Why Playing Hard to Get is Effective

Playing hard to get gets a bad rap — some people claim those who do it are teases, others claim they’re playing games. But, while throwing yourself at a man will get his attention for an hour or two (if you’re lucky, five minutes if you’re not), playing hard to get can claim it for much longer.

This is because men are often driven by their egos; they want girls to want them and if a girl doesn’t (or doesn’t in desperation), the man can’t help but want that girl more. It comes down to basic human nature of wanting what you can’t have. If a man thinks he can’t have you, he will work harder to get you.

Why Balance Matter Too

Playing hard to get is one way to get a man’s attention, but it’s not necessarily how to make a man love you. It’s the carrot you dangle before the horse, if you will. Men want what they can’t have, but they also want attention: they like those who like them; they want to be doted on; and they want to be appreciated. So, learning how to make a man love you involves balancing the hard to get with the attention. If you ignore a man entirely, or forever say no to his suggestion that the two of you go out and get a cup of coffee, he’s likely to give up in frustration. Thus, show him you’re interested, but be subtle; throwing yourself at him can be a major turn off.

The Damsel in Distress Factor

If we lived in a Fairytale, the only way a woman would ever get married (or even laid) is if they painted themselves as the damsel in distress, a fair maiden stuck on the side of the road whilst they wait for their noble knight to rescue them. Back here in the real world, however, women are strong, independent, and fully capable of taking care of themselves.

Still, men can’t help but be attracted to women who need them, even if it’s for something as dumb as opening a can of mayo or offering their opinion on a stock portfolio. This isn’t to say that women should change their personalities and become dependent on their mate, but allowing men to help you every now and then instead of insisting that you do everything yourself can be a very appealing quality, and one that makes a man see you in an entirely different light.

Knowing how to make a man love you isn’t an exact science, but being a measure of mystery, a dollop of doting, and a sprinkle of needing him can all make for the perfect, irresistible recipe.

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