How To Perfect Your Body Language To Make Women Fall For You, HARD

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How To Attract Women With Your Body Language
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It's what you DO (not say) that makes a woman fall in love.

Knowing how to attract women with body language is a powerful weapon, up there with a million dollar smile (or a million dollar trust fund). In fact, body language speaks volumes — probably much more than the average person realizes.

But because it's so powerful, it can also lead to you shooting yourself in the foot if you do it wrong.

Women and Body Language

The reason knowing how to attract women with body language is so important is because of the credence women give it.

According to studies, 57 percent of women say that their first impression of a date is his self-presentation and how he holds his body. Only 38 percent of women base their impressions on how a man speaks, and hardly any (only 7 percent) base impressions on what a man actually says.

How Body Language Conveys Interest

How to attract women with body language is something every man should learn for one main reason: body language is the best way for you to convey your interest. Words alone do not do an adequate job. If you say, "I'm into you," but your body language says the opposite, most women will believe your arms, your legs, your mannerisms way more than they'll ever believe your diction.

So, now that you know why it's so important to understand how to attract women with body language, how do you actually put it into practice?

Body language is an area of study that is like working with Photoshop or playing Craps inside a casino: even when you know a lot about it, you still don't know everything. There are dozens and dozens of small ways your body language plays a role in how people view you — from the tone of your voice to whether or not you put your hands on your hips.

However, when it comes to dating, three main keys can help your body language convey the message you're intending.

1. The Lean

The way you position your body tells a woman right away whether or not you are interested. Leaning forward shows you're intrigued, leaning back conveys either a lack of interest or a distraction.

But the way you lean isn't the only thing that can determine the direction your night will head. Facing your feet directly towards your date shows that you're focused on them while crossing your legs shows you're relaxed and confident.

2. The Eyes

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I'm not sure about this, but they are the windows to your level of interest. As most people know, eye contact plays a huge role in conveying this interest. Direct eye contact shows that you're focused, you're listening, and you want to learn more. It also shows that you have nothing to hide.

This isn't to say that you should never let your eyes wander — too much direct eye contact can make you look like you're either trying too hard or part guppy. Too much blinking can also get you in trouble — it shows that you're nervous or anxious.

3. The Head Tilt

When it comes to romance, most men are focused on their head, but not the head I'm referring too. Your head — the one with your brain (your actual brain) — conveys all sorts of things.

Tilting your head to the side shows that you're being playful or flirty, something particularly true when your head tilt is accompanied by a smile. Lowering your head, on the flip, portrays you as being ashamed, bored, or having something to hide.

Knowing how to attract women with body language is an important skill for single men everywhere. But not only can you use it to show women how you feel, you can also use it to gauge how women feel.

Men and women may be different in a lot of ways, but when it comes to nonverbal hints and clues, we speak the same language. Understanding this allows you to read women and have a little insight into their thoughts, without them saying a thing.

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