Meeting Women: 3 Places You Might Not Be Looking


You can meet women anywhere, but some places increase your odds of chemistry.

In the movies, it seems like everywhere is the best place to find a girlfriend. Two people have a chance encounter in a random coffee shop that leads to wild sex in the back seat of a Camry; two people both reach for the same pineapple at the grocery store and that automatically translates to dinner and a movie; two people living in the same apartment complex flirt in the elevator, and three years later, they are happily married with twins on the way. Yes, it seems easy in the movies. But, alas, there is a reason most movies are purely fictional.

In real life, the best place to find a girlfriend rarely has to do with places that require acts of fate: we must all face it, Cupid is rarely willing to put in overtime so that we can be happy. Instead, knowing the best place to find a girlfriend really comes down to being open-minded and remembering that you can meet women just about anywhere.

Still, if you are actively searching, it helps to narrow down the best places to a few key areas. Such as:

  1. The internet: Yes, even though it has become mainstream, there is still a bit of a stigma about meeting people online, something that makes you feel as if you are logging onto www.onlysortofdesperate.com. Yet, if you want to meet women, you must throw stigmas out the window: don't care what others think and concentrate on your own happiness. The fact of the matter is that the internet is one of the best places to find a girlfriend for two reasons: one, it introduces you to people you wouldn't otherwise meet and two, it allows you to know right away if people are interested in the same type of relationship that you are (i.e., they want kids, they are Christian, they hate smoking, etc.).
  2. The dog park: On nice days, particularly after work, dog parks are crawling with more single women than an episode of Sex and the City. So, if you own a dog, leash him up and head on out there. Dog parks give you an edge (when compared to other places) because right away you know you have something in common: a love for all that is canine. Dog parks also tend to have regulars: most people stick to parks that are located within close proximity of their home. This gives you plenty of time to zero in on a woman, check for a wedding ring, smile a couple of times, and then get up the guts to go and talk to her. You might want to begin by asking about her dog or telling her about yours. That's the other great thing about dog parks: Rover makes an excellent wingman.
  3. Meet-up groups: All over the internet, there are meet-up groups posted for people looking to meet new people and looking to go out and do things. Like dog parks, meet up groups automatically provide you with a commonality from which to build: when you join a hiking meet up, for instance, you are surrounded by a ton of other people who also enjoy a stroll through the mountains and being outside. There are basically meet-ups for every type of hobby and interest you can imagine: meet-ups for Buddhism, meet-ups for people who love Asian food, meet-ups for book lovers, and meet-ups for ferret owners (just to name a few). So pick a meet-up and turn it into one of the best places to find a girlfriend! The best case scenario? You meet the love of your life. The worst case? You meet some new friends and have some fun in the process. To state it simply, you pretty much have nothing to lose.

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