Amazing Women Battle The Military Stigma of PTSD

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If you have a wounded warrior in your life, on the inside or the outside, check out this site!

My husband and I were checking our facebook pages the other day and we came across the ABC news link about Battling BARE, Inc. I had to share this news. I am not being paid to spread this message. I have no affiliate link with them. I am merely an American who is sharing a unified concern about the men and women who protect my freedom and how they are treated upon their return.

Millions of families are touched by war and post-traumatic stress disorder. As a former military wife, I know the distress of sitting at home, wondering, waiting for your loved one to return home, hoping he is not wounded. The courageous women of Battling BARE are taking a stand against PTSD.  They are working to educate people about the symptoms and advocating to get services for those military personnel who are effected. 

PTSD effects men, women, young, old, white, black, and everyone in between.  Although family members may not have witnessed the war or disaster that their loved one did, they are definitely affected. Children are often scared or confused when their parent returns home and is acting differently than before he or she left. Spouses can find themselves avoiding interactions or feeling like they are walking on eggshells so as not to provoke the soldiers. The person affected by PTSD may be struggling with depression or anger issues. 

All of these are common scenarios. As a society, we need to embrace the reality of PTSD and help our soldiers and family members find the support they need. If you have children who are struggling to understand PTSD in a military family member please contact me at and let's brainstorm ways for you to get the support your children may need.