How Not To Succumb To The Ten Worst Dating Mistakes


Here are some common first date mistakes, and how to not make them!

1) Jabber, Jabber, Gabber!

It may be testing to sit in silence, and you may be a person that likes to fill every opportunity with words. If you must fill the space, ask a question that doesn’t just provoke a yes or no answer.

2) Move Over Casanova!

If we are trying to be someone we’re not on the date we seem fake. A little self-confidence is great, however tone it down, be yourself and if you are nervous – admit it.

3) Call the Fashion Police!

What do we wear? Resist the urge to buy the latest Cheryl Cole outfit, or turn up in a sarong a la David Beckham style.

4) Leave the Past – IN THE PAST!

Even if both of you are sharing stories about how awful your break up was, trust me when I say, that when the night is over and the tables are cleared, one or both of you will look back and wish that hadn’t been your subject of choice.

5) Happily Ever After? Let’s just get to the bill first!

Whilst you are thinking of a happily ever after, it’s best not to say it, talking about the future, what children you would like, where you would like to live and so on will make even the most devoted dater run for the hills.

6) Did Someone Invite Scrooge?

If you can’t afford to pay half, don’t go! Don’t also tot up courses on a calculator. Each is off-putting. Splitting the bill 50/50 regardless of if you’ve haven’t had a starter and they have, will make sure money doesn’t mucky the waters.

7) There’s Relaxed, and There’s Ratted!

Think of what you would drink with dinner at home, and then half it, it will go to your head much faster on a date. Even if you think you’re having a good time, dating a drunk is nobody’s idea of a great night out.

8) Me, Me, Me!

Being a good listener is crucial, as although you may want to tell them everything about yourself, if they are truly interested you will get a chance for them to learn everything, as they will ask, just like you should.

9) Redirection!

It’s very tempting to lap up appreciative glances from admirers in the pub in a bid to make your date realize what a catch they have on their hands. They will have much more respect for you if you concentrate solely on them and ignore the admiring glances from afar.

10) Keep Your Filthy Paws off My Silky Drawers!

It’s still too early to know the person well enough to read the signs. You could follow the wrong signals and end up looking stupid. A touch on the arm as you talk, and eye contact is all you need, if you do want to end the night with a little loving, just lean half way and resist the urge to pounce!

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If you’re guilty of making some of the most common first date mistakes, be thankful there are plenty more fish in the sea so you can get it right next time!