7 Ways To Keep Going When You'd Rather Give Up

7 Ways To Keep Going When You'd Rather Give Up [EXPERT]
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How to move forward with your life when fear gets in the way.

On an Outward Bound in the mountains of California, I hugged the rock ledge and refused to look down. One hundred and forty feet of sheer granite cascaded to a hard landing on more granite. I wanted to hire a helicopter to rescue me.

I've never been so afraid, trusted less or felt less confident I would survive this challenge. Imagine my surprise at the thrill I felt when I forced myself to take that first step over the cliff and loved it. Cancel the call to the helicopter. I found my own power and so can you.  Dating Advice: How To Handle The Fear Of Rejection

Life surprises us with these opportunities to see what we're made of. What was your big challenge? It may have been that your job was eliminated, you got the bad news that your loved one loves someone else or that your child is being bullied at school. No one wants to be challenged in such harsh ways but within each challenge is wisdom and the freedom to take charge of your own life. 6 Ways To Say Goodbye When You Can't Do It Face-To-Face

If you're feeling stuck and want to move your life forward, here are seven keys to taking back your power and starting to live again:

1. Breathe. When we're afraid, we tend to take in shallow breaths that do a poor job of getting oxygen to our brains. You want all your neurons firing so getting them adequate oxygen is the critical first step. Take your time. Let your breath calm you down and make you alert.

2. Feel the ground under your feet, giving you strong support and a steady base. Imagine the strength of the whole Earth holding you and making sure you have what you need. With such strong support, you are not alone.

3. Start assessing the situation to determine what is really happening. What are your choices? What do you know that can help you? If you weren't afraid, what would you do? When I was huddled on the cliff, there was no helicopter even close and a storm was coming. If I played to fear, I might have been killed by lightning and that was a fact. Plus, I was not there by myself so I was putting other people at risk. Was the truth starting to get my attention? Absolutely. 3 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Stress

4. Stop and challenge the fear with your truth. Ask what you're afraid of? On a scale of one to ten, how likely is it to happen? I was afraid of falling to my death and on my scale, given the fact that I was completely harnessed and guided by a seasoned leader, the likelihood of dying was probably a one. If I stayed put, the likelihood of getting struck by lightning was much higher.

5. Put your imagination to work. Imagine how you will feel when you retrieve your power and beat back the fear. Feel the pride of accomplishment and take it in.

6. It's time for action. What is the first step you can take to move off your cliff and get on with your life? It might be putting on your tennis shoes and actually getting outside for a walk. Maybe you'll sign up for a class and start working toward a new career. You might visit your child’s school and ask the tough questions instead of staying home worrying about a bad situation that likely could get worse. Be brave and just do it.

7. Celebrate your new beginning. You just put out effort and you want it to continue so find ways to reward that effort. How can you be kind to yourself? Flowers, a latte, warm bath or time with a friend are just a few ideas. Imagine a long list of ways you can support yourself so your first step is transformed into the beautiful journey of your life. 5 Reasons Stepping Into Fear Can Lead You To Love

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