Enlightened Interaction

Love, Family

It is easier than you thought to create co-empowerment in our power-play culture.

You have more control over how people treat you than you may think. If you have encountered difficult people in your life (and who hasn't?), you may feel that you have little to no power over the situation.

It is true that you cannot change these difficult people and the way they view the world. It is also true, and very important to understand, that you are not responsible for these people or their hurtful behaviors. However, you can influence the behavior of others so that they treat you more respectfully. You can have far more influence than common wisdom would suggest.

Mastering this influence puts you in a position to free yourself from the entanglement with controlling, abusive people while finding more enlightened interactions. Your powerful mindset will bring you more jobs, friendships and partnerships with people who treat you civilly. 

What you say and consciously think is not what determines how people treat you. If you have learned assertiveness techniques, you may have discovered that they do not work well with truly abusive people. These techniques are largely a form of verbal communication. While they are valuable, people close to you respond to much more than your verbal communications.

It is the state of your whole mind. Your whole mind includes the unconscious mind, your body and your feelings, which most affects how much of your power you can access and maintain in relationships. If you have practiced traditional martial arts or mindfulness mediation for a while, you will have experienced your power and seen how others react to it. 

Unfortunately, if you have spent time with a workplace bully or verbally abusive partner, you may find it very difficult to experience this power.  My research suggests that bullying in the workplace is very, very common and that over half of all females have experienced abusive control in domestic relationships.

There are simple techniques you can use to make a powerful state of mind instantly accessible. Practicing these can give you a measure of emotional freedom you may not have experienced for some time.

This is the 21st century! It is no longer acceptable to be overpowered in close relationships. As more of us choose enlightened interactions, collaborating and being co-empowered, the easier it will be for everyone to enjoy civility and respect.