7 Dos & Don'ts For Dating Success

7 Dos & Don'ts Dating Success [EXPERT]
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Learn how to finally overcome the challenge of asking her out on a first date!

While we all may know one smooth natural at the art of dating, it’s a challenge for the vast majority. I'm well aware of this because I’ve been there myself. The key to dating is learning specific skills and techniques to minimize your stress and ensure your success! Here are seven critical tips. 4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well

 1. Do take every opportunity. The number one issue that stops men from getting dates is that they avoid talking to women in the first place. Start to take every opportunity. It's fine to have a few lines memorized but it's not fine to hesitate or delay. The regrets you accumulate are far worse than the occasional “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”. Get sociable, get talking to women, and don't miss any opportunities.

2. Don't do what all the other men do. Don't approach and immediately pay her a compliment as this will put her in an awkward position and immediately lay your cards on the table. Avoid asking her if she has a boyfriend. If she does, she'll say yes and if she doesn't and isn't sure if she likes you yet, she'll also say yes.

3. Don't offer to buy her a drink right away. This puts her in the position of deciding right away whether or not she wants to waste 5 minutes of her time talking to you. It also marks you out as a man that doesn't have much to offer besides his ability to buy drinks. Only buy drinks for women who you've been talking to for a while.

4. Do get to know her a little better. After a minute or so, it's acceptable to take things to a more personal level and to introduce yourself and ask her questions about herself. At this point, she will be more invested and give you real answers. If you ask these questions right off the bat, it puts her under too much pressure and can feel like an interview. Try to make statements in response to her answers so that you break up the questions a little.

5. Don't say “Can I have your number?” Also avoid saying “Would you like to go on a date with me?” or anything else that she has heard 100 times before. The best way to get her number is to do it smoothly. You zero in on things she likes that can easily lead to dates. If she enjoys cocktails, feel free to take her on a date a cool cocktail bar. If she is a dancer, you can invite her on a date at a cool club with friends. If she likes sushi, you can take her to a nice sushi place. If she is interested in cooking, you can cook dinner together one time. You find the potential date, then you say something like “Cool! We should do that sometime!”, you wait for the “Yes!” or the nod. At that point, you can just hand her your phone and say “Cool! Give me your number and we'll see when we are both free”.

6. Do make it as solid as possible. If she talks to you for 3 minutes while she's drunk, she is less likely to see you than if she already spent an hour with you. To guarantee the date, you need to put in more time and have her feel like she knows you well enough to commit to spending a long time with you.

7. Do play the odds. If you think the number is a little weak, go for an “easy” date like hanging out at a bar with her friends and your friends. If it's super, super solid, then something for just the two of you is going to work fine.

 Now, don’t just read these tips and say to yourself, “Yes, that all makes sense!” Get out there and try them! Give yourself the challenge of approaching at least three people you’re interested in before Valentine’s Day (or the next big holiday on the calendar). Bring a cheat sheet if you must, but only to remind yourself that right there in your pocket or purse are seven simple steps to dating happiness and success! 4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well

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