8 Things Strong Women Do At Work That Would Help Their Love Lives

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Use your success in business to find your soul mate.

When it comes to finding someone to love, sometimes it can be a long, hard journey — especially if you're busy working on your career or going to school. Being successful in the business world is already tough as it is in today's economy, so what advice is there for you when you're busy as hell while also trying to find the love of your life? 

Here are 8 tips that can work both in your career and in your love life:

1. Create a vision

THE BUSINESS WAY: You would never enter a meeting without a vision for your client or business, and making sure you have a plan and sticking to it is a sure-fire way of getting what you want down the road.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: Figure out what you actually want from a significant other. You don’t enter into a date (and certainly not a relationship) without knowing what you want from a guy in the future. Do you want him to support you as a working woman or do you want him to take the reins while you raise the kids? Make sure you know what you want before stepping into your first date.

2. Dedicate yourself

THE BUSINESS WAY: You dedicate time out of your schedule to go to meetings and conferences. You take time after work to finish a project on time.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: Dedicate yourself to going out and finding a man you want to spend time with, and when you find him, take time to nurture your relationship. Just because you're a working woman doesn't mean you can neglect your relationship — if you are not committing your time and energy to your pursuit of love you will never have it. Schedule time to spend on dating sites everyday and regular date nights. Love takes work.

3. Keep pursuing your dreams

THE BUSINESS WAY: If one client told you they were no longer interested in your services, would you stop and shut down your business? If one client wanted something different from what you offer, would you continue to work with them if it didn’t fit your vision and purpose? In business it's important to "keep on chugging" and continue to work toward your vision.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: The same concept applies in your love life — one or two (or even ten) bad dates do not constitute a reason to give up. Just keep going. If a man isn’t looking for what you are looking for, you let him go and move on. You have to commit yourself to achieving the goals you set out for yourself.

4. Have confidence in yourself
THE BUSINESS WAY: Confidence is key. When you enter a meeting or conduct an interview, you know that you have to come across as confident and cool in the business world in order to get what you want.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: Do you suffer from Olivia Pope, season 1 of ABC's Scandal, syndrome? You know — all powerful and in control in business, but turn into a pile of mush around a man? Love is scary, but it should never make you feel insecure, or cause you to lose your voice or your power. Confidence is attractive and you don’t have to lose that part of yourself to capture his attention. Stay in tune with your worth and show them what you can bring to the relationship. You’ve got this!

5. Stay adaptable
THE BUSINESS WAY: Each client or person in your organization does not warrant the same energy from you, so you have to adapt in business to attend to the needs of those you serve. 

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: Do the same for your relationship — think about what your partner needs from you on a daily (and sometimes momentary) basis. One day you may serve as a stand for him — his support system, and the next you serve as a listener or a doer. This also means that you should be adaptable while first going on dates, too. You need to be able to let go of work mode and enter personal mode so that you are present and IN the moment (not worrying about a work project).

6. Practice reciprocity
THE BUSINESS WAY: You receive at the spa once a month or you love receiving that cup of coffee from your assistant every morning, right? In turn, you thank or reward your coworkers for their generous gifts and hard work.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: You should let your partner pamper you at times, and make sure to do so in return. Let the man in your life give and allow yourself to receive with gratitude. Life is about give and take, so make sure you are taking time to do both.

7. Be fearless
THE BUSINESS WAY: Failures can't hold you back. You have to understand that a failure is a lesson (that EVERYONE learns) and that it's an opportunity to learn something new so that next time you’ll be even better.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: Your failures in love and dating can’t be worn as a shield around your heart — learn from your mistakes, do better next time and don’t allow the fears of the past to get in the way of your future.

8. Trust your team
THE BUSINESS WAY: At work you have to put trust in your team. You have to empower them. Knowing that each person is there and knowing that they each excel at something will keep everything running smoothly and keep everyone motivated. Keep from trying to control your team so you don't get burned out or leave your team frustrated.

HOW THIS APPLIES TO YOUR LOVE LIFE: You HAVE to trust the person you love just as you would a teammate. Without trust there’s no room for respect, and it leaves your relationship suffering. You can’t control him, fix or control him — you have to give him space to do his thing and trust that if something falls apart, he will be there to help pick up the pieces. 

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This article was originally published at LoveLifeTBD.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.