How to Avoid The Dangers of Dating Sites

How to Avoid The Dangers of Dating Sites

Many folks believe that if their profile matches another person, they will be a match and can live in peace and harmony. While profiles can show another person's preferences, they do not reveal the inner personality -- who they really are inside. This is why it is a serious mistake to assume that you know a person simply because a matchmaking site has shown that you have compatible profiles. But, alas, this is what countless people do every day, and they wonder how they could be so wrong about another person.

The answer is that they did not know who that person was inside.

For instance, as a professional matchmaking astrologer, I have found couples who have had very compatible celestial energies. They appear to be the ideal couple. They are very loving and pleasant to observe. But I have seen a serious flaw in some of these relationships which cannot be seen or explained by ordinary means.

Such a flaw often ends up being the source of a breakup, and folks simply don't understand why they "didn't see it coming." Their problem was easily seen in the combination of their signs and planets but totally hidden to themselves and any outside observer.

The average couple does not have enough tools to know what is going on in the deep recesses of another person's psyche. Matchmaking sites certainly do not have this capacity. And there is no computer program that can synthesize these energies as well as the human brain.

Then there is the danger of downright dishonesty.

Some folks submit a photo that was taken 20 years ago. Can you imagine the impact this has on the other person when they meet face to face?

Others are already married and lie about it. They simply want to have an affair. They can easily mislead the other person.

Then there are those who want to find a "good catch," so they manipulate the facts to convince the other person that they have a great education, came from a well-to-do family, and love all the things the other person loves and appreciates.

But the signs and planets of the heavens reveal the truth of any relationship. They reveal the inner nature of a person, their unique “star-sounds”. This cannot be hidden from a skilled, celestial matchmaker. Every person is born with what I call "planetary clusters" and these clusters reveal the true psychological script of what the person feels, thinks, and really desires. These clusters can be easily explained by someone who is highly skilled in reading them.

If you really want to play it safe and avoid the dangers of the dating sites, it is essential to find out who the other person really is inside. In this way, you can avoid the dangers of "matchmking roulette."