What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Love, Self

Find confidence in dating, work and more with a beautiful smile.

I'll admit it: I just watched Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" video in full for the first time, and one standout feature from the entire beach-themed video was the superstar singer's smile. Even in black and white footage, Beyonce's winning smile lit up the night, what with those small white teeth and large gums that give her a girlish quality while she acted anything but.

Having great teeth can help you to know how to be happy with yourself. What impression is your smile making on the opposite sex? "I don't want to kiss him unless his breath is fresh and nice," one woman said about a man who is tellingly her ex now. "Keep your breath kissing-fresh," my own mother advised, and it's a habit that I like to keep up. These are the thoughts that ring in my head as I checked out the Cosmetic Dentistry Center, a popular place where Dr. Dmitry Epelboym works on plenty of famous smiles from around the country — the world even — well beyond the walls of his New York location.

Believe me, I've gone from being a teenager embarrassed about the braces I used to wear to someone who loves getting compliments on her smile. There's just something about watching someone speak who has a gorgeously white smile that's obviously well taken care of that can make them more attractive than folks who allow their teeth to yellow and haven't met a strand of dental floss in years. Tellingly, when random people on the street are surveyed for those TV shows and are asked the top three things that attracts them to a man or woman, the answer usually includes a person's smile in the top answers.

You can get a sexy smile back. Sometimes the thought of spiffing up a smile is as simple as adopting the habit to brush twice per day and floss at least once daily. (Personally, I like to douse my toothbrush with both paste and hydrogen peroxide as a cheap way of sloughing off stains.) But I realize there are folks out there with more extensive issues and not enough resources. That's where actions like filling in a missing tooth with dental implants can make a huge difference. When you think about it, fixing up our grins goes beyond vanity. A person with a missing tooth or several missing teeth tends not to want to smile, often covers their teeth with their hands — or even doesn't speak when there are things they want to say because they fear the negative reactions and impressions others may have about their mouth.

That's where attending to dental needs goes beyond romance. Heck, habits like not speaking, not smiling and covering your mouth can affect your livelihood, choice of jobs and spouse. That's why people cry during those commercials that show real life folks getting their smiles fixed and upon seeing themselves in the mirror, they often break down. Only they know just how bad their lives were previously due to bad teeth — and their tears show that getting it taken care of at last can mean finding new jobs, new resources — and perhaps even a new love.