Have Fun And Get Happy To Improve Your Love Life


This is part two of How to be Happy? Use the Three F's.

Life is like a rose: beautiful, sweet smelling, and at times those thorns can really hurt. Fun helps make life worth living through the good and bad times. This may sound strange, but there are some people that don't know how to have fun. Maybe they constantly think negatively or are too serious. We can't be serious all the time nor can we have fun constantly. There needs to be a balance.

How Does Fun Help Your Love Life?

Do you remember a time when you were around an unhappy person? Were they negative, critical, or boring? I bet after that encounter you were drained, and maybe feeling down. Were you in a hurry to see them again? Most likely, you were not.

People like being around a fun person because their positive energy makes them feel good! Fun people laugh a lot, and laughter is contagious. These are the people that most of society wants to be around. Best of all, your mate or a potential love will find you much more attractive and irresistible.

A word of warning — if your idea of having fun is going out every weekend or every day and getting drunk or using drugs, that is not true fun. There is nothing wrong with partying occasionally, but every day or weekend puts you in a high risk category to have it become an addiction. Get high on life instead!

Here Are Some Ways To Have Fun:

  • Make the most mundane things fun. Put on loud music so you can sing and dance while doing housework. Or do it in the nude. Talk about freedom!
  • If you commute to work, take a different route to work. Listen to funny books on tapes. Every time you see a red car make a joyful noise — yay, heehaw, you go car!
  • When you know that you will be waiting for appointments or riding on public transportation bring something fun to occupy yourself with. Read, do puzzles or games, knit, draw, whatever.
  • Home is where the heart is, and the amusement too. I get the cartoon Mutts delivered to my inbox every morning, it always makes my day more positive. There are a ton of funny videos on the internet. Watch stand up comedies or comedy movies. Read funny books. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series is one of my favorite and such mindless fun. Do projects that you enjoy. Is there an annoying project that you've been avoiding? Whistle while you work.
  • Friends and family make life enjoyable and worth living. Never, ever, give them up for your significant other. I learned this the hard way as a naïve twenty year old, who gave up most of my friends. But put my foot when my boyfriend wanted me to stop talking to my sister, who is my best friend. When we broke up, I kicked myself in the butt for doing that! I hope you learn from my stupidity. The song lyric, "You got to have friends," is so true.
  • Go out with friends or join clubs/groups of topics that you are interested in. While you're out, don't focus on meeting someone, focus on yourself having fun and stay in the moment. People can sense when you're just there to find someone. Unfortunately, the energy you send out is needy and desperate. People feel it and will run away from you!
  • Experts often tell singles to try something different to help find a mate. There's nothing wrong with this, and it's good to venture out of your comfort zone. If you do meet someone — be real. For example, if you could care less about sports and go to a football game, don't act like you love it if you meet someone that you're attracted to. Be honest and let them know you are exploring it and how you really feel about it. If you hate it, but pretend you love and start dating this person, guess what you will find yourself stuck doing? That would not be fun. If it's meant to be, they will appreciate your honesty, and still want to get to know you.
  • Food glorious food can be so much fun! Read my article, Newlyweds? Add Some Sexy Foods To Jumpstart Your Honeymoon to find out how.
  • Pets bring so much joy and fun into your life. They can be a nuisance at times, but are so worth it. The animal, bird, and reptile kingdoms do the cutest and funniest things. Every pet has their own unique personality. Please think carefully before getting a pet because it's important for you to be responsible to take care of your animal throughout their lifetime.
  • The last thing that needs to be mention is not to use fun or humor as a way of not facing your reality, feelings, or things that are important to you. It is okay to poke fun at some things, but we need to be serious and feel other feelings at certain times in life.

There is one more F to go. Are you having too much fun and must know what the third F is? Go to http://www.pamelacummins.com/free/ for a free class recording. If you missed part one, please read about the first F which is Focus at How to Be Happy? Use the Three F's

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