Online Dating: Hire A Professional Photographer

Online Dating: Hire A Professional Photographer

In American culture, we love our Pros. No, I’m not referring to that type of “Pro”... I am referring to Professionals. We hire Professionals for a myriad of personal and professional services. Where would we be without these Professionals: Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Hairstylists, and Surgeons? We’d be lost. Regardless if we had training in the aforementioned fields, we’d still be lost. When was the last time you saw a Dentist drill her own teeth?!

In the dating marketplace, Professionals are an integral part of the process. Coaches, consultants, and therapists are here to assist you on your path to success. There are other types of Professionals who can expedite your dating success, namely: the professional photographer. The business of online dating and professional photography are an ideal amalgamation. To have an enticing online dating profile, you need professional photos. I understand why people initially resist this service. The fear of looking like you’re fresh off a Glamour Shots portrait session would frighten anyone! Fear not, a seasoned photographer will take natural pictures, while capturing your true essence. They will also allay any of your concerns and prevent you from being “camera shy”.

In order to find the best photographer for your vision, do the research. Ask a friend or colleague for a referral. The profession is quite voluminous; every photographer has their own signature style and fee structure. The objective is to find someone (in your budget) you are comfortable with, and who understands what you are trying to achieve. When meeting with a photographer, don’t forget to reinforce your desire for authentic pictures. Take charge; make recommendations regarding the locale of your photo shoot. You are making an investment in yourself and your future. Do not allow a photographer to derail you from effectively representing your true self.

The medium of online dating is inherently impersonal. And unfortunately, it’s as superficial as offline dating. Whether online or offline, you have to make a strong (visual) first impression. With online dating, photographs are the best resource for attracting potential candidates to your profile. People look at photos first, then the written profile. These photos should represent you in the most appealing, realistic context. Unflattering and undesirable pictures act as a detour, immediately re-routing people away from your profile. Here are 5 common mistakes people make when using the Do-It-Yourself photography approach:

1. The Cropped Photo: using photos with other people cropped out is counterproductive. This image encourages people to wonder about the cropped bodies, while taking the focus off of you.

2. The Blurred Photo: This image makes a statement that you are insecure, and do not want to use a clear photo.

3. The Faraway Photo: This is another type of image which denotes an insecure attitude.

4. The Pretentious Photo: using photos containing famous people showcases a pompous disposition.

5. The Party Photo: using photos containing party scenes can misrepresent you and your lifestyle.

By employing the services of a professional photographer, these mistakes can be avoided. When you are investing time, money, and effort into online dating, appealing photos should be your chief priority. Given the chance, maximize every opportunity to authentically represent yourself !

Date and love boldly,