4 Types Of Men You'll Find When Dating A Father


Dating a father? Here's what you need to know.

There are different types of "dating-dads"; how their role as a father affects their relationships depends on his balance of dad vs boyfriend. Some come on too strong with the father-role, and others are very laid back and casual. Here are a few to learn about.

The Rushed Divorcee

He is the type to jump into a new relationship as soon as he is separated from his wife. He wants to have the attention and love he had from his old relationship that faded away. He may introduce his new girlfriend to his kids right away.

This can be very overwhelming to a new girlfriend especially if she does not have kids of her own. He wants to settle down and rush everything but this may not be the best way to find love.

The Laid-Back Divorcee

He is more the type to gradually ease himself into a new relationship, maybe a year or two after he's been single. He probably also wants to have more quality time with his children. When he is ready to find "the one," she is very special to him and he takes the relationship very seriously.

He may also be taking things slowly to make sure this is the real deal. When he is feeling comfortable with his lady is when he will introduce his children to her. The opinions of his children matter so he will want to make sure they approve as well.

They tend to put their children first but will still love their woman very much.

The Widower

He may be grieving over the death of his spouse so he may not be in any rush to find love. He finds the love of his children the best if he is close to them. He may be the type to look for love a couple years later and may even use online dating sites to find it.

When they do find love they will be very committed to her but will take things very slow. They will make known if they have small children that his new found love will never replace their mother but he has found happiness again.

His children will have a say in his relationship and he will take their advice and critiques into deep consideration. When he has found the one they have a very special place in his heart.

The Obsessed Father

He takes being a great father too far. While children are obviously an important part of a parent's life, there needs to be a balance! At first his role as a wonderful father can seem attractive, but once his kids take COMPLETE priority over the girlfriend and even his own life, his #1 Dad status shifts from a turn-on to a turn-off.

Let's be honest, a man who is taking care of his responsibilities and making them a priority, no matter how he does it, is sexy and very telling to his character.

Although there are different ways for him to go about it, if you've got a man whose kids are a priority to him—as long as he dedicates time to you too—you've probably got a keeper!