6 Things Men Shouldn't Do On A First Date


If you are going on a first date with a special woman make sure not to do these things.

The girl you liked in your office has finally agreed to go on a date with you. The feeling that a man feels when his desirable woman agrees to go on a date with him cannot be described in words. The only thing that can be described is the stress that he tends to feel to make the first date fun, romantic, exciting and memorable. Irrespective of the surprises you've planned for the first date with her, remember that if you won’t behave like a gentleman, those surprises won’t make much difference.

Here are some tips that will make any woman fall for you. But instead of guiding you with what to do, in this post we’ll focus on things not to do on a first date.

1. Don't Wear a Suit

You get a pass if you work as a lawyer in some corporate firm and you don’t have much time to go back home and change. If you can't find time to change, at least lose the jacket and the tie a little. But, if you can, then there’s nothing better! Going on date wearing that three-piece suit can actually backfire. The woman you are dating might think that you’re a boring personality who wouldn’t have much to talk about all night. If you don’t want her to get that first impression of you, it is advised to wear what describes you the best. If you’re a casual and fun person, showing up in a cool shirt and trouser should be a good idea.

2. Don't Use a Coupon

When taking a woman out on the first date, make sure you resist your temptation to use discount coupons or even promo codes. Save coupons for some other time, but don’t use it in front of her, especially when it is about making a good first impression. Women are more inclined to men who are good with money. But a "buy two, get one free meal” coupon right after "it is a pleasant night" triggers a knee jerk reaction that can make her go, "is he that cheap."

3. Don't Talk About Your Mother Too Much

Talk about your family as a whole as much as you want. Women are always interested about listening to your family’s happy tales, but would not really appreciate being with a guy who would make his mother sound like some "super woman" without whom his life would not have been possible. Your current woman is simply not interested in knowing what your mother cooked for you when she last visited your home. Keep it for some other time too. Act maturely and talk to her about hobbies, interests, current news that have had any impact on your life or career, basically anything, but your mother.

4. Don't Check Out Other Women

Seriously, did you just had your focus on her butt? This date was a mistake. Get up, smash and zoom … Does it sound familiar? Well, you must have seen such a scene in some movie where the guy was staring at another woman and his girlfriend whacks him and shut out. If you don’t want your date to end up something like that, then avoid focusing on other women around. She is the one and she should remain the one, at least for that evening. Have some self control and she’ll respect you more.

5. Don't Talk About Your Ex

Talking about your past relationships is not cool, especially when you know its going to be such a waste of time. It is clearly mentioned in the dating bible that you should avoid talking about religion, politics and past flames in your first date. Unless and until she asks, don’t even let that thought pass your mind. Even if she asks, make sure to not drag it too far and make it a sob story. Imagine, how you’d felt if she had started talking about her ex-boyfriend and how he was a loser or cheated on her. In short, it is just a lose-lose situation.

6. Don’t Expect Getting Physical On A First Date

Don't expect anything related to getting physical at the end of the date. As outdated as it sounds, most of the men believe that they have all the right to get a pleasurable end just because they paid for the date. You also pay to watch Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, but you don’t expect them to head over your house and feed you grapes while rubbing your manhood.