Why College Students Are Embracing A Free Love Lifestyle

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There's a new generation of swingers in town.

The increasing open mindedness in present social circles has increased the number of college students who embrace a swinglifestyle as local swingers. Reluctant monogamous relationships with their boyfriends and girlfriends has also encouraged them to go for polyamory, as it allows them to swap even their committed partners with others only for sexual activities as a part of their social or recreational activities. College students are quite aware of the internet and how easy it is to find a local sex party, also known in the lifestyle as a swinger party.

Not only students but several married couples have also turning up as local swingers these days to rejuvenate their monogamous married life by swapping their wives with others. The concept of swing lifestyle came into existence after the sexual revolution in 1960s, which encouraged the attitude of enjoying free sex. In that era, many contraceptive pills and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases were also invented to support the attitude of more free sexual activities.

Since then, younger generations started to get involved in a free sex relationship as local swingers with their colleagues and mates, which later on was named as a swinger lifestyle by some swinger communities. Although, the phrases partner swapping or wife swapping were socially criticized, as they do not explain the range of sexual activities performed by couples or singles in swinging relationship. In fact, their sexual activities are not limited to their regular sex partner in this relationship, since they are enjoying sex with some one else. This type of sexual relationship is sometimes also known by the names of partner sharing, wife sharing, wife lending or wife trading among the swingers.

Reasons For The Popularity Of A Swinger Lifestyle

Most people, including college students, get into swinger lifestyle due to various reasons. Increased interest in getting quality sex frequently can be one of the reasons for their involvement in this type of sex life. Some get involved in it either due to curiosity or to add variety to their routine sex life. Some are interested in it to strengthen their relationship by reviving their sexual activities with someone other than their usual partner, whereas others join it for recreational or social reasons.

Modern Trends In Swinging Relationships

Today, the swinging lifestyle takes place in various manners starting from unplanned sexual activities to planned meetings. In unplanned sexual activities, people or college students gathering at an informal friendly occasion to swap their partners to enjoy free sex. On the other hand, in planned swinger relationships, some like-minded local swingers gather at some swinger club to swap their partners and enjoy the uniqueness of sex with others. Different types of facilities and environments are offered by various clubs especially developed for swingers.

The latest trend among college students is that they hook up with their classmates for sex. Even the young girls and women casually hang around colleges to enjoy uncommitted sex with college students. Some of the young college students and local swingers also get engaged in threesome or foursome swinger lifestyle to enjoy sex exceptionally.

Thus, the swinging lifestyle is becoming popular among college students as some of the public-private venues like resorts, hotels, private homes or cruise ships are also providing space these days to local swingers for free sexual activities.