5 Sexy Ways To Make Her Want You More

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Bring the sexy back to your relationship.

There are many relationships which get spoiled because a man is unable to please a woman in bed. There's nothing more hidden and mysterious than female sexuality. You need to know the right ways about how to please a woman. You need to bring the sexy

Most of the time, it can be quite complicated and confusing. There's no harm in using some effective sex tips to help you please a woman in bed. In this post, we've discussed some of the tips which can reignite the spark in your love life. These tips will make sure you and the woman you love enjoy sex even more.

Bringing Back the Romance

Before you start focusing on sex, you need to bring back the romance into your love life. Contrary to the common notion, romance is not just about a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Most women prefer men who are creative, imaginative and thoughtful.

There are many women who like to be 'wooed' to be seduced enough to enjoy in bed. In order to make your sexual pleasures more interesting, you should focus on daily intimacies like kissing and touching in a sensual manner every now and then.

In addition to this, many men think that a kiss is always a good prelude to sex. However, kisses are meant to make the bond stronger, while raising the intimacy level. Although it may not lead to sex straight away, your woman would definitely enjoy the sex more when she's in an intimate relationship with you.

Right Place, Right Time

If you're serious about how to please a woman, you need to give up on a traditional approach to sex. For instance, if you have some extra time between shopping and picking up your kids from school, it could be a great opportunity for you. A spontaneous sex within this period will definitely keep the spark alive. Sex at an unusual time can add real spice.

It is important to understand that a woman's sex drive will vary every day. Sometimes, your woman might want a quickie, while she may want to have sex in bed other times. If she resists, you should be understanding and seduce her later that night. She will definitely want to make up to you. With her hormones raging, this will be the best time to please her.

Try Something New

This is one of the most interesting and effective tips for men. You don't need to use the same pattern to make sex dull and monotonous. If you've been in this relationship for a long time, you need to try new things to please your woman. Your woman should never be able to predict what's about to come next. This will be more enjoyable for her.

When she's anticipating your moves during sex, you should surprise her every time. You need to treat sex as pleasure, and not a process. Some new sex positions, spontaneous sex, more intimacy and role play can be quite effective to please your woman.

Every Woman is Different

Most men make a common mistake while having sex. They expect a woman to do the same things which were done by previous women in their lives. It is important to understand that every woman is different.

Therefore, what worked for your one girlfriend may not work for another. It is very important to understand the needs of every woman. This will help you please her without making yourself too demanding.

Mix a Bit of Alcohol

Wine or other forms of alcohol can be a good way to loosen up. However, you need to be careful. Alcohol can create a false sense of security and confidence. Therefore, it should only be used for loosening a bit, but not for seduction. You don't need to get a woman drunk to get her into bed. With some alcohol mixed with your charm, you can definitely seduce her and take her to bed.

With these simple tips, pleasing a woman in bed will be much easier. In order to maintain a healthy and successful relationship, it is important to understand how to please a woman. You need to know what a woman wants, and how she would respond to everything you do with her on bed. Besides seducing her, you need to make her feel comfortable.

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