The Best Place To Be A Lesbian This Summer


Looking for lesbian love? Provincetown, MA is the place to be.

The sweetest event for single lesbians happens in Provincetown. Single Women's Weekend is an annual event created just for you. And guess who else is coming? Lots of single women of all ages and styles. Women come to this event from around the world and there are big reasons why.

First off, Provincetown, which is affectionately known as Ptown, has a special history. Billed as the first place the Puritans landed, with a big gay scene, it's far from puritanical these days. Secondly, Ptown's gay and lesbian history is something everyone should experience. It is the place where lesbians walk down the street openly holding hands, sharing a kiss and exchanging an affectionate hug. It's a place where we are welcome 365 days of the year, not just during Pride Celebrations.

Third, it's filled with absolutely gorgeous surroundings. You're out on a spit of sand practically in the middle of the ocean. The North Atlantic Drift, an ocean current that travels from the Caribbean and across the ocean to Britain, goes by so Ptown enjoys warmer weather all year round than the closest big city of Boston. There are sand dunes bigger than houses, whales off shore, amazing sea birds and sand bars. I think sand bars are absolutely magical. You get to walk way out toward the ocean on a walkway of sand with ocean water surrounding you. And then you get to run for the shore when the tide comes in all at once to cover the sand bar. Ptown, situated at the farthest end of Cape Cod, is also home to horse shoe crabs. A truly prehistoric creature. I remember playing with them as children as they washed ashore after really big storms.

Finally and fourth, it's a great place to be lesbian and to meet women who are happy to be out and delighted to exit the closet fully while in Ptown. This event is when you'll meet women who've been out for years or just days. You'll meet women who have been married and are now realizing they are lesbian. You'll meet women of all ages and the events are set up so you get to hang out and get to know the lesbians who are attending.

It's an amazing time of connection and freedom. Join me and a couple of hundred single lesbians for an amazing 3 day event on this little snippet of heaven at the tip of Cape Cod. There's no better time to be single and lesbian than at Single Women's Weekend in Ptown!