Work On Your Obama Factor To Attract!

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World leaders have strong charisma. They attract. They get devoted followers. I call it the O-Factor

Do you have the O-Factor?

Okay, I admit it. Obama is my hero. Not merely politically. But in this particular context because he is the epitome of a world leader with extremely strong EROGY.

You may ask: What do you mean, that he has a strong Erogy, Lucy? 

So let me explain:

When I deliver Erogy-talks I often ask the group:

Do you think that Obama is a charismatic man? ” YES!” everyone agrees.

My next question will then be: Do you find Obama sexy? (As in “would you like to have sex with him, if you could”)

On this question the waters divide. Some say no, some say of course, some are uncertain.

Okay. So he is definitely charismatic. He is not necessarily sexy. So far so good.

Finally, I ask the third question:

Would you describe Obama as asexual ?

" NO, under NO circumstances ," it the unambiguous answer.

The conclusion of the little questionnaire is then:

Barack Obama is very charismatic, NOT necessarily sexy, but definitely not asexual.

So what is this certain type of charisma one of the most powerful people in the world has? What is his O-Factor ? It is EROGY!

It gives this strong sense of a man being true to both his sex, heart and mind. Regardless of what one might think about his political choices, we here have a man, who unites his erotic power with the immense life energy in him and emanates authenticity, presence and trustworthiness. The essence of EROGY.

The current U.S. president has a strong charisma that attracts, creates personal trust, that gives me, as a TV-viewer on the other side of the continent, a sense of human accessibility.  I feel that he speaks directly and (almost) only to me.To top it all he has massive authentic clout and courage.

All these characteristics are seldom but a must in strong leadership. The truth is, that in life and love we need exactly the same O-factor to attract and obtain our loved one's respect and devotion.

If you feel like exploring your O-factor and harness your own EROGY do not hesitate to give me a call or send me a message on lucyaterogydotcom or on any of the social platforms, where we can connect instantly.

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