What It Takes To Be Super Women (We Can All Do It)


Are YOU a Super Woman or do you know one?

Super Women are the ones who try to do everything and tend to do most things really well.

The problem is that they attempt to do it all and want to have it all.  They don't know the value of balance. They do everything they can to succeed in school, in business, in sports, in the creative arts and also in their relationships and home life.

However, as most Super Women will sooner or later discover, something doesn't feel quite right.

When you try to do it all, all the time, the end result is feeling over-worked, over-tired, stressed out, and in the end - not happy and  fulfilled. 

And what about the people that matter most to you?  How do they feel?  From personal experience and from listening to my colleagues, friends and clients, the partners of Super Women do not feel good.

Yes, they are proud of the accomplishments. They love to brag about their spouse's achievements. But emotionally, the partner often feels neglected, put down, inadequate, unappreciated, even undermined.

Jaime Kulaga, a nationally known mental health expert, has created a blueprint for actually creating a Super Woman life without the stress, and worry and usual problems.

Her step-by-step strategies will help super women and those striving to be super women to discover ways to create balance between work and play, giving and receiving, doing and not-doing.

Her book is filled with examples, tips and tools to help you get back on track and re-create the confidence, communication and decisions that will help you take care of yourself and everything else you need to consider.

Come listen to a special broadcast interview with Jaime Kulaga. Learn what YOU can do immediately to get your Super Woman mojo back on track. Don't you want to have it all  love, passion, romance, success, family, and more?

Join me for an exciting live Super Woman Super Fulfillment Radio Interview.  If you can't make at the scheduled time, don't worry.  The show will be archived and available at the same link.