5 Signs The Man You Love Is An Emotionally Unavailable MESS

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Is He Emotionally Unavailable? Here's How To Tell

Don't waste your time!

Are you dating a guy right now but don’t know what his intentions are with you? You really like him and you would like it to work out but you can’t tell how much he has invested in the relationship.

If he shows any of these 5 signs, then he's emotionally unavailable:

1. He always has an excuse when you want to talk.


Is there some burning question you would love to ask your new partner but have not because you fear his reaction? Maybe you've tried talking about something that's important to you, but it got brushed aside because your man was too busy.

This is one of the clear-cut signs that you're dating an emotionally unavailable man.

When a man wants you, he will make you a priority in his life. He would make time for you and what you have to say won’t be a problem.

2. He accuses you of being over-sensitive or needy.

You tried to approach the conversation several times. He would not give you an answer, and instead, accused you of being over-sensitive or needy every time you open your mouth.

When the guy constantly throws the blame back to you, be careful.

3. He loves to delay progression.


Throughout the course of your relationship, different big issues are going to present themselves — like establishing if you are an item, whether you want a family together, if you both want to get married, what religion your children will be or buying a house.

You get the picture.

As the relationship evolves, your guy is either going to become more emotionally unavailable or less, depending on where his thoughts are with you in his future. So look out and notice if he is delaying or vaguely agreeing to your future desires.

4. He’s never there when you need him.

Have you ever gone out with a guy, (and maybe sleeping with him) but never fully established the terms of what you both actually are? You find that when you're with him, he is attentive and amazing but the times between are sporadic.

This guy is never going to give you what you need because he's not looking for what you want. So watch out for the guy who is all about you when you're with him but when you really think about it, you spend more time alone than together. 

5. He’s not talking about the future.


The emotionally unavailable guy is not always invested in the outcome, and he's not always thinking long-term. Notice how he speaks about you, him, and your time together. Are you included in his future plans?

You can’t change anyone and you can’t change your guy’s mind. Men are emotionally unavailable for several reasons. Maybe he fears you won’t like what he has to say, he is comfortable where he is right now, he’s just out of a serious relationship.

The important thing here is to know what you want and find a guy who will give you all of those things. Wanting an unavailable guy to be available is keeping you stuck.    

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