Nothing But A Smile: The Secret To Magnetism

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What if there was one thing you could do that had more cosmetic value than any amount of lotions and potions, and its effects could be seen instantly? What if there was one thing you could do that would instantly improve your approachability and likability, and it could be done in an snap? What if there was one thing you could do that would have a massive impact on improving your mood and overall outlook in life, and it took less than a second?

And what if this one thing was free?

Would you smile?

I recently talked to a single man who'd met a woman at a local coffee house — he was very interested in her, gushing about how gorgeous she is. He said when he saw her across the room he couldn't take his eyes off her. It was embarrassing because he kept staring and she kept catching him staring! She would just grin at him and keep reading her paper. Finally he got the nerve up to walk over to her table and strike up a conversation.  He did end up asking her out and was thrilled to report she said yes.

Come to find out these two had worked at the same law firm for two years. He had never noticed her at the office. Not once. The following day he realized he passed her desk several times during the day and made a very interesting observation. He never noticed her because she looked so serious while working; she never cracked a smile. She didn't catch his eye. In the coffee house however, the first thing that got his attention was her smile. He said she seemed like two different women in each location.

Another friend of mine recently interviewed a woman for a position at his company. She was highly qualified from an education standpoint, but didn't have a lot of experience for the position. He was very anxious to hire her and she got a top dollar offer  One of the things he noted about her was that her mouth seemed to curve up naturally at the edges — in other words, she smiled a lot. Did the smile get her the job? Probably not in and of itself, but I honestly think it contributed to her getting such an attractive offer. He thought she would make an exceptionally good team member.

Tony Robbins talks a lot about how emotions follow physiology. Simply put, if you change your body, your emotions and mood have to follow. He calls it getting into state. Essentially, we have a lot of control over our biochemical outcomes based on how we are being in our body. Nothing triggers a flood of feel-good brain chemicals quicker than a smile. Most people think, "I smile because I'm happy." A more productive way of looking at it might be, "I can smile to be happy."

What I do know for sure is that I can spend 20 minutes doing my makeup and another half-hour doing my hair, and if I walk out of the house in a bad mood, no one will notice I'm around. However, I can toss my hair in a ponytail, put on a smile, and have a great time with people in the world — I can be noticed! Why? Because people respond to a smile way more than they do to mascara. In one second I can change everything about the way I feel in my world and the way the world feels about me with a smile.

A smile breaks all barriers; cultural, generational, and gender. Babies are biologically programmed to respond to a smiling face. A smile says the same thing in every language.  A smile says "I'm here and I'm open and I'm easy to be with."

"But you're so busy changing the world

Just one smile can change all of mine"

― Jack Johnson

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